Effexor XR and Effexor

Is there a difference in the way the two affect us. What are your experiences with the plain effexor and the effexor xr? Just curious as to whether one might be better than the other.
Scott, which one are you on?

Hi Christine,

I am on the Effexor XR. I have not tried the other. For several months while we don’t have health insurance, the doc gave me the generic version and I am wondering if they work the same as well.


I’d tend to go with XR versions of anything that you take regularly (i.e. stuff that doesn’t act when you take it like prn benzos, triptans etc.), simply because stable blood levels = good. For some meds XR/ER/SR pills can be a pain when tapering, but Effexor can be “split” by opening the capsules, so I don’t really see any downsides.

Hi Christine,

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Scott, which one are you on?

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I’m using the XR version – 37.5 mg. But I don’t think I’m going to stick with it any more. It’s been over 4 weeks now and once again as I edged up the dose, I began feeling a constant feeling of unease and the last 4 days continuous dizziness. Heel pain returned and there was non-specific back pain. Yesterday I reduced the dose again and today I feel like a different person. No dizziness, much more relaxed/at ease and no pain.

Good luck with it … Jen has done really well with Effexor!

Scott :slight_smile: