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Almost all migraine meds prevent contracting, tightening of the blood vessels using different chemical pathways. I am leaning towards the vascular camp.

Serotonin leads to contracting, tightening of the blood vessels in the head. Explains why SNRIs and SSRIs work as well for migraine.

You can argue the same way why all migraineurs don’t get aura ? Why all migraineurs don’t get peripheral neuropathy(tingling) ?

This looks like a contradiction - prevent versus leads to?

If they impact blood vessels, goodness knows what impact they have on ear chemistry!!

Anyway there is no point in arguing this, there simply isn’t enough science to know for sure either way, but I know where my money is.

As for the aetiology of MD, goodness knows what causes the huge attacks which return to normality - I’ve seen one recent theory its caused by blockages of the plumbing caused by oversized otoconia getting loose and migrating through the labyrinth until they get to one of the small ducts and block them. Again, yet another hypothesis. I’m not really into trying to explain MD specifically, but there is clearly a large prevalence of EH and i’m sure this causes real problems in the ear and a plethora of fluctuating symptoms.

So I take it you are not buying your diagnosis you got back in India?

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I have a VM diagnosis with a possible hydrops overall from all docs seen. There is nothing much to buy into here. Salt does not affect me, I have OD’ed on salt and did not make symptoms worse so i doubt the hydrops piece.

I have spoken to many folks who saw partial relief on Ami but not complete relief. While complete relief is not likely knowing i have a weak ear (shown by vemp and supported by fluctuating tinnitus) i still think there might be a migraine med out there which can get me to a better spot :slight_smile: One can only hope.

I never doubt that migraine meds assist with recovery, that’s not something I’d ever argue, its just the reason why they help I question.

I guess my take on it is that a dodgy ear causes neurological symptoms which increase the risk of migraine significantly. Anything that can dampen that response is a good thing and offers the brain breathing space and head-room to adapt to accommodate the change in sensory signals. And then there’s the possibility that some of the meds actually meddle with the chemistry or pressures in the ear (e.g. by modifying global blood pressure which surely has an effect on CSF pressure - which would help?).

In addition there may be many cases of this which are due to an acute event and in the long term settle down, so compensation is probably not the only route to recovery.

I am scared to rock the boat right now with a new med. The betahistine has really help to quiet my tinnitus(atleast i think so it did !)

I had a bad relapse recently and recovered and had a good day yesterday and today was crappy with imbalance. Boy this thing i just wish i had the same deteriorated quality of life instead of it jumping all over the place :slight_smile:

Its bl**dy awful, Vignesh, but keep the faith, it took me 2 years to get off meds and I know I was pushing it. I’ve had symptoms ever since but they are easing for sure. I’m sure you will get a slow cessation too. The ups and downs were worst for me in the first 2 years. At some points the fluctuation in symptoms was completely crazy (like a major attack of ‘Magneto Head’ after 6 months of little or no attacks that left me severely imbalanced for 2-3 weeks), and yes it can get extremely disheartening when you have a relapse, but you will note that you always climb out of them.


Thanks James for the encouragement. I have also seen a few other people get into cessation between 2.5 to 3 years. So i am cautiously hopeful :slight_smile:

This illness has helped me learn all the essential life skills and grit needed to rock life. Now i just wish this illness would go away so i can practice all what i have learnt :slight_smile:

Folks who talk of multi-year recession get me thinking i can use one. But then after a recession it is only human to get greedy and wish this never comes back. Done with my rambling

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Ramble away dude! :slight_smile: