Endorphins gone wild!

Hi All,
I have a Question regarding a symptom I have during a migraine;
I want to know if anyone else has it.

It starts out like any other migraine, Aura ect,
But soon turns into a feeling that’s kind of like I’ve been given a huge shot of endorphins.

At first I thought it would be called euphoria, but no it’s the complete opposite, I don’t take any drugs at all but when I had my daughter they shoved a Pethadine injection in me just prior to delivery, and it’s the only thing I can think of it being similar to.

The reason for my question is, at times I do have doubts about my diagnosis.
Or wonder if it’s a symptom of something else
I’m not complaining it’s the only symptom that’s good about this dumb illness.

I wonder if it’s similar to the feeling people say they have during scarfing.
And No I don’t scarf!

Obviously the blood is being cut off and it’s causing this feeling.
It’s a worry.
Thanks Guys.
jen :lol:

Hmmmmm … Nope, can’t say that’s what I feel when I get an attack.

“At first I thought it would be called euphoria, but no it’s the complete opposite…” Could you explain this a little more - I’m having a difficult time understanding what exactly you’re feeling.

If we’re talking emotionally, I sometimes get the feeling that everything mentally sort of shuts off during an attack & I’m left with just the bare basic pain. Obviously it’s hard to explain, but … it’s like … everything inside me focuses on the pain in my head & ignores all the other stuff that usually has me upset or stressed … like my body says “okay, this feeling is so traumatic that everything else has to shut off while we deal with it.”

(Can you tell I just had a cup of REAL coffee AND a package of donuts from the vending machine?!? Who in their right mind eats that stuff??)

So Jen, if Dr. Joy is going to help you, I need more details.

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“okay, this feeling is so traumatic that everything else has to shut off while we deal with it.”

— End quote

That’s exactly how i used to feel during migraines with pain, to the extent that I would retreat so much that i would fall asleep, during which time i had no pain, but as i would feel myself emerge from sleep, the pain would build again.

But this euphoria that Jen is describing, i wish!

OK speaking candedly!
think of the best climax you’ve ever had and tripple it. (mentally not Physically)
I didnt want to go there but thats the absolute truth.
I have no other reference!
Unfortunatly this dosnt happen always,
“mostly” it’s just an agonizing rush of neurons that I do feel.

and No it’s not that, hehee!

(This is excruciatingly embarrassing)
sorry if I’ve offended anyone.


Um … gulp … okay … well … still gotta say NOPE … never felt that. If you figure out why this is happening BY ALL MEANS TELL US!!

Will do, might have to pay some more silly $ to my stupid neurologist for that one!
sorry, I wish I could explain it better!
I think we need a special site for Secret womens bisness!

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…I think we need a special site for Secret womens bisness! jen

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Oh, the guys would peek anyway. Ya know it’s like when you tell somebody “Don’t turn around, but…” that’s the first thing they do?

just go hide now!


That is a grrrreat! description of a symptom. You are truly an enigma and my hero :mrgreen:

How often do these things happen and how long do they last?


Hi Jen -

Ok, my first thought when I read this post was “Yeah, whatever it is , I want some of THAT”… I just didn’t want to say anything or offend anybody, but, well… look above… no offending anyone on THIS board (at least not anymore) :smiley:

In all seriousness though, somewhere I came across something a long time ago that mentioned “euphoria” as a Stage of Migraine. I searched all day to see if I could find it. Sorry, I couldn’t. (I even looked back in my “Migraine” file that I started way back in the beginning when I was in disbelief that I actually had migraines.). When I saw it I didn’t pay much attention to it, because it didn’t apply one bit to me. If I remember correctly, it was referred to as “post dome” meaning the end. (for me, the end of migraine is total exhaustion - complete hangover.) Do you get this at the end???

Again, the only woo-ha I get, is the total anxiety, when ones coming on. Causes me to pace around, saying “something’s not right”, what the He** is going on, etc… not nearly as exciting as what you describe.

P.S. - what the heck is “scarfing”??? Never Mind…I don’t even want to know. :shock:


Kim scarfing is voluntary strangulation, to induce euphoria.

Thanks for that Kim,
Jul they only happen around once week,
But this feeling can last for hours, I normally sleep it off.


I did a Google Scholar search and came up with quite a few hits for migraine euphoria. It’s less common than what the rest of us get, but sure is not unheard of.

It can come in the prodrome or in the postdrome.

One of the articles was titled: Endorphins, Opiates and Migraine Headaches.

One of the article abstracts talked about euphoria with increased creativity. Jen, we already know you’re a creative person - you’re a singer, you have vivid hypnagognic states. I find myself not at all surprised to hear this latest symptom of yours.

What next, Jen?

Julie :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say I got euphoric, but, now that i think about it, looking back at the time I used to get migraine with pain, when I would have my visual aura, which I thought was kind of cool yet unsettling at the same time, I would have a feeling of calmness. I would wonder why I was feeling calm - in this calmness i would be looking forward to retreating from the intensity of my life and lying in bed for a few days. I would think to myself - what are you crazy, you’re going to be in agonizing pain and then hungover, but it happened over and over, in the prodrome, i was calm. During the pain, i retreated. The hangover was worse than the pain. Interesting

Hi Kim and jul,
Yes what you both describe I can relate to
Before being DX I would panic and pace around, knowing full well something was terribly wrong, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it, as the rocking would become so furious it over shadowed everything.
I like Kim can literally feel the neurons going wild in my head during a mig.

I feel like my head will just explode!
Like pressure,
I’ve tried to just sit and analyze what’s really happening to me,
And for me its a thousand none descript images running violently through my head, very frightening, and then Bang! I will all of a sudden feel, Calm
too calm and “out of it” to do anything but sleep.
Wow no wonder there was a time I thought I was just plain crazy.

Good to hear about this euphoria thing. I wouldn’t have called it euphoria, but I suppose it is
Thanks everyone

— Begin quote from "jennyd"

its a thousand none descript images running violently through my head, very frightening

— End quote

I know :frowning:

before i learned what hypnagogny was, i did think i was simply a little insane. Then i learned this was especially common among creative people with a profound connection to their unconscious. A gift and a curse.

This Hypnologic thing, I have most morning on waking.
I’ve even heard my mum calling my name.
It’s kind of like a Dream I’m having hasn’t stopped completely, and I awake like that.
Spooky, especially when “in my family” there is a history of schizophrenia.
In schizophrenia the primary hallucination being, “hearing voices”
No wonder I’ve suffered anxiety due to my over worked brain.

When falling asleep at night my head draws pictures thousand flashing before my closed eye’s, I cant make head nor tales about what they are because it’s not as if they would mean anything to me.
There’s just no reference.
Like a none stop video.

If I catch an image or concentrate on it, it will turn into a few seconds of a mini movie, Morphing faces? Places I’ve never been, I try not to think about it,
It’s in fact part of my falling to sleep regime.
With out it happening, it means my brain isn’t ready to sleep.
And insomnia sets in.
How bizarre!!!

Bizarre to say the least, it’s one of the worst mental states i’ve visited and i’m glad it doesn’t last long for you. Before I took Ambien to get to sleep, I could spend hours in that state, one nonsensical, sometimes very frightening image after another. And not always just an image - a voice, a person touching my hand. I really thought I must be psychotic. But really, it’s not psychosis, for all of you out there scratching your heads wondering about the two of us :slight_smile:

It got real bad during my big crash and has subsided to almost nothing with my medications. In fact, the only thing I don’t like about my meds is that my dreams have been altered. They are less meaningful to me. I’m not sure which med that started with, but if I can ever get stable on this Topa, i may try weaning down on Neurontin and see what happens (although I have a feeling it was the Zoloft)



Hey Jul,
My whole family has it.
Interesting, over the years even as a young kid
I believed it to be something spiritual,
For instance “Visual snow”, I can see it around people as well, and I used to think it was the human aura.
I’ve had strange sensations.
Sometimes I will out of the blue smell something no one else does.
Now I realize it’s neurological.
Wow so good to get this stuff off my chest.


Me too Jen,

I had olfactory hallucinations/disturbances too, when i was at my worst. And that blue lava lamp thing, the first time I had that was during a massage - must have been a good thing, yea? Call it what you may, neurological, or a deeper connection with the unconscious, who can sort all this stuff out anyway?


So true Jul, I was just thinking about what Joy said,
Joy I have had the very same thing happen when I was about 17,
We had a guy High on drugs come on to our property and try to break in, I was baby-sitting, I can’t believe this strange calmness that over came me. I went into protective mode, locked the house tight and got the babies under the beds, called the police held myself behind the back door yelling all the time at him to go away.
He said he had a Gun and was going to shoot through the door, which my back was against.

I waited for the police, it took a half and hour for them to get there.
By golly I thought I was a dead woman!

In retrospect I think this sudden calmness was my safety mechanism, adrenalin, call it what you may,
It saved my life.
Police came and all was good.

jen :shock: