One of the latest threads talked about energy and ways we could find some, since we’re ill to begin with and take meds which drain of us what little we have.

A few months back I went to an endocrinologist. My TSH was hovering in the 4 range for a handful of years and although the lab slips put that in the normal range an endocrinologist (well not all of them) will treat you for anything over 3 if you have symptoms.

So i went, he put me on a low dose of Synthroid and within a week i felt an increase in energy. Felt great. It was maybe 25%. Enough to make a difference in my life.

This TSH thing is controversial, so if you decide it’s something you want to pursue, you’ll want to first call your primary to see what your TSH has been. If it’s been above 3, call an endocrinologist and see if they treat at 3 if you have symptoms. That was the hard part. I had to push the front desk because, of course they don’t know. I asked for a nurse - they don’t have one. So i hung up. But I was determined so I called back and said “would it be too much for you to ask the doctor?” She said, “what do I ask him?” I said “what TSH level do you treat if the patient has symptoms?” She knew I wasn’t going to give up so she caught him between appointments and came back with the answer 2.5.

I’m glad I went through the trouble.



What is TSH?


TSH is a thyroid test - Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone. Higher (than 2.5-3) points to hypothyroidism (and lower than, say, 0.5 points to hyperthyroidism).

I’ve been borderline for a while, too. I’m going to call my GP up about a follow-up soon, haven’t taken a blood test since January. It steadily increased, from 2.02 to 3.4 to 3.77, over the period of about a year… and my body temperature is pretty low most of the time. Still, my GP didn’t feel like trying out even a low dose of T4, since I’m underweight, and he felt I might lose more :frowning:
I see it the other way, I might get some appetite at last… heh.

GP don’t like to do much with TSH when it’s outside of their box. Too bad Kira’s not around. She would have a lot to say about this. She’s an internist and sends everybody with a TSH 3 or above to an endocrinologist.