English weather

Just trying to work out what might have made my dizziness etc. much worse lately and I am wondering if its been this awful sticky humid and rainy weather we have had here in the UK over the last few weeks. Has anybody in the UK had the same or am I clutching at straws :frowning:


Hi Christine,
sorry to hear you’ve been much worse recently, but I’m almost relieved to hear you say that!
Although I’m not sure I can blame my crash on the weather…
…I was doing pretty well: increased energy, much less dizziness…until around the beginning of June, so about 5 weeks or so ago. Then, it all went down-hill…and nothing else has changed! Diet - stable. Work - stable. Stress - stable. Everything else has remained the same, but suddenly everything has turned to sh*t again!!

I getting really down about this agin - the constant dizziness is much more pronounced again, and I’ve started having the wobbly floor feeling back, along with the dreaded ‘attempted sudden mini-spin attacks’ as I call them.

When did you start to go downhill?

EDIT: Forgot to mention that both my wife, and a lady who works on reception where I work, have both been mentioning getting migraine headaches recently, when they normally do not, so there could definitely be something in it!

Tony, I just checked my diary, looks like end of first week in June and its been crap ever since. I know I wasnt that bad 3rd week in May as I have actually written, no dizziness, no headache, which is rare, I usually have something, but nothing as bad as this last 6 weeks or so. Constant migraine, dizzy like I used to be years ago.

Maybe it is this weird weather we are having, I havent been exposed to any chemical stuff and havent eaten anything different from what I can see either.

I am usually better in the Summer, even though its hot, if its a dry heat, I am OK.

Lets hope for a change, I forecast August as being warm, dry and sunny :smiley:


Hi Christine,
so that coincides exactly!!
I can’t believe it - can it really be that ‘simple’ - down to atmospheric weather conditions??!!

I’m in 2 minds - if it is the cause, then I’m glad it isn’t anything wrong with the meds, etc, but at the same time it’s kind of depressing in a way, because we seem to be totally at the mercy of the weather conditions!!??

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Am also in the UK and although I haven’t had a major crash, my symptoms keep responding to the weather. A friend who gets regular migraines hasalso been suffering, we’ve been getting headaches and me, some dizziness, which coincides with the humidity/storms etc…

I was recently in Spain, staying up in the hills when there was a major thunderstorm, my symptoms went ballistic as it approached and during, subsided the next day. I am very susceptible to pressure changes - big problems with flying. So yes, I think the weather is definitely a problem.


Strange coincidence, but I’m also in the UK and have had somewhat of a relapse recently in the same sort of timescale. Mine started a little before that, in May, but definitely since we’ve had the almost continuous rainy weather.

Sorry to hear you’re both feeling worse too.

I’ve been exactly the same - my crash dates practically coincide with yours TeeCee. Fine till mid June. Now everything’s crap, blinding headaches, floor giving way, and ‘attempted mini spins’ in which I sometimes have to grab on to the nearest piece of furniture. These often lead to the constant dizziness and headache phases. I’m in the latter now and it stinks.

Ugh ugh ugh! Plus this weather is SOO depressing too!

Dizzy L

Hi all,
sorry to hear you’re all feeling below par! So, is that it then? Can it really be the weather?
Perhaps we could all agree to update this thread with when we start feeling any better, so we can see if there’s a correlation/synchronisation with the weather there too…?

Hi Tony,

Good idea!

Well I am still rubbish at the moment, and so is the weather :frowning:



Mine’s been very, very slightly better so far today, but I think that may be a fluke.
There’s a similar thread over at dizzytimes! ( http://www.dizzytimes.com/showthread.php/23281-Weather-Humidty )
And an interesting link posted by the resident expert, Tom Boisimer: http://headaches.about.com/od/triggers/a/ahs_weath_trig.htm

Hi all,
just for the record, my relapse is still in full swing. Dull headache; loads of brain-fog; loads of dizziness and disequilibrium. 6 weeks ago I was around 80% better! What happened?

Me too. Been practically bed bound for a week on the back of feeling bad the previous 4. Hopefully the fact that this jet stream thing’s going to move will help us feel better (and improve the weather).

Hey, not sure if it’s coincidence but I’m with you on the deterioration since mid June.

Weather does seem to affect. When I went to Cuba and we had storms, the first two days I felt very odd.

I think we do better on a consistent weather pattern. Whereas the uk weather is all over the place at the moment.

Update. Feeling better. More like usual crappy self instead of really bad dizzy and migraine self. I felt the change the first day of decent weather, but waited a couple of days to see if its stayed the same, it has. So for me, the weather must have been playing its part. Mood has gone really low though, really weird, would have thought the fine weather would have made me happy!


Feeling a bit better but might be the clonazepam which I’ve been taking in 0.75 mg doses daily (not good). Also, dh is taking the girls to the Peaks for 5 days (4hr car journey) and I’m not sure whether to go. Weather won’t be as hot as here in SE but maybe thats good. His bro and sis in law with baby there too. Hate being ill when people around, so not sure… dither dither.


More humid weather and I am dizzier again. I felt a bit better with the couple of warm dry days. Just a coincidence or what?


This is funny, I have been thinking just this AM that I should consider moving to England because of the weather…rain makes my ears open up! My hearing gets better and the tinnitus isn’t so bloody loud.