Quick Question: Can an ENT help/give advice re MAV? If I see the ENT I’m seeing next week and then the tests come back clear for everything else and it turns out the neurologist I saw in hospital was right in that it is MAV, then can the ENT help me to find the right medication, give advice re MAV etc? Or do I have to go to a neuro for this?
Thanks, Krista. :slight_smile:

Hi Krista,

It depends on the ENT. Some have no idea while others are brilliant (such as Dr Steve Rauch). If I were you, I’d go in armed with the guidelines as I have them for you in one of the sticky posts and tell him you want to select a med from there:

Grab a Level A or Level B med. Ask him if he has any experience with any particular med for migraine that he can guide you on out of these categories. See below.


Thanks Scott very much for your reply. I really appreciate it. The link that you have posted is very helpful. Where is Steve Rauch based?

He’s here: