Epidemiology of vestibular migraine

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This article just came in from the Journal of Neurology: Epidemiology of vertigo, migraine and vestibular migraine. Some interesting facts etc to read about.

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“… recent epidemiological evidence suggests that the actual comorbidity (of migraine and dizziness) is higher, namely 3.2% (in the general population). This can be explained by the fact that several dizziness and vertigo syndromes occur more frequently in migraineurs than in controls including BPPV, Meniere’s disease, motion sickness, cerebellar disorders and anxiety syndromes which may present with dizziness. In addition, there is increasing recognition of a syndrome called vestibular migraine (VM), which is vertigo directly caused by migraine.”

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I’ve posted the abstract and article for download here:


Some interesting MAV statistics in there as well.

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So, according to yet another article, I don’t have MAV since I don’t have episodic vertigo attacks. When will they learn?

“So, according to yet another article, I don’t have MAV since I don’t have episodic vertigo attacks…”

The “Heal your Headache” book says that EVERY headache you have is migraine … I wish these “experts” would all get together & figure out things they can agree upon about the mysterious beast called MIGRAINE so that they could start treating it properly!!

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I completely agree. This notion of a separation between migraine (of the pounding one-sided headache type) vs neck pain and more tension-type stuff I think is completely off the mark and old-school. Adleman too says this himself in the podcast here in the audio section. And because most people don’t know what migraine really constitutes (nor do doctors), no one is getting a good diagnosis or, worse, a misdiagnosis.

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