Epilepsy and MAV

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Hope that you are all having some success with your treatments and aren’t feeling too bad today?

I am just wondering what connection Epilepsy might have with MAV? Is it not true that both conditions basically amount to a number of nueronal pathways firing uncontrollably? I ask as my mother had Gran Mal epilepsy and had regular fit’s and seizures. I do not have epilepsy, but perhaps there is a link there? This might also explain why anticonvulsants can sometimes work with MAV.

Has anyone any thoughts on this relationship?

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The link is without a doubt there. I don’t have any papers on it in memory (nor the time to find them at the moment) but it’s pretty well-documented, even though I don’t know if “they” know HOW they are related.
Most epilepsy meds appear to help prevent migraines as well, and as you say, it appears both are related to neurons going wild. :wink:

I agree. Meds used for epilespy are used for MAV, albeit in smaller doses. For example, Klonopin, which I happen to be taking.


I thought there might possibly be some link there. I think the verapamil isn’t doing it for me. I haven’t had any side effects from it (not even the constipation that they say is quite common) but it hasn’t improved my symptoms at all either, so I may now wean myself off it and try something else.

Shame, I had great hopes for it as cinnarizine does take the edge of the dizziness when it’s really bad so I thought verapamil also being a calcium channel blocker might be the way forward.

Perhaps there is another calcium channel blocker that I could give a try. Something more similar, but more potent than cinnarizine?

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Hi Mark,

I just did a quick search and came up with this for you.


Here’s the full paper.

Re calcium channel blockers with more potency. You could try Flunarizine. Reports in the literature suggest it works well but for some it’s not much fun and it has an 18-day half-life.

Best … Scott 8)

“Comorbility”. I’ve never heard of that, is it a typo, ie should it be comorbidity?

Sorry, am allowing my inner pedant to run free today.


Thanks guys for the info. A link did make sense.