Hi there,

Yesterday I had a small procedure requiring a lidocaine shot. The lidocaine had a small amount of epinephrine in it.
This was done around 11:30. about 3 hours later I was more dizzy then normal. The night was horrible, tossing and turning
and I was so much dizzier I knew I was dizzy as I slept. 3:30am I got up and was walking so wobbly, it was crazy, Ifelt like
any minute I was going to spin. 5:30am I tried moving tomy side, great no spin. 7:00 I tried the other side, great no spin.
I was also nauseas. This morning, I dont feel like that anymore, just feel kinda ugh… thinking its the anxiety, as vertigo
will take me as a prisoner everytime and scare me beyond belief. Im finally able to get into bed without fear. Last vertigo was Nov 1.

anyhow, I looked up online and the drug interaction says Nortriptyline taking with lidocaine with epinephrine is a major concern,
and pretty much dont do it. the pharmacist agreed that this probably ramped up my weak vestibular system. I talked to 3. and 2/3 said yes,
3rd wasn’t sure.

So mav friends, do any of you have any stories to share or experience with this???

Its so upsetting to have a terrible scary night, then wake up to a call from work saying if you dont make it back by 4/9 then we have
to fill your position. I finally started feeling like I was on the road to recovery, then this!! Im so mad. Hope it will be 100% gone by tomorrow
and it doesn’t leave any lingering crap behind.

I did take 1/2 xanax last night at 3:30 and one this morning at 8:30 just to I dont know, try and help myself along.


Well I tell you that I dread going to the dentist for any work that requires novocain. I’ve noticed that since getting MAV that every time I get a novocain shot, my heart starts to race and I get all panicky and I finally asked my dentist why. She told me that novocain has epinephrine in it as well. The epinephrine constricts your blood vessels around the injection site and the thought is that it keeps the anaesthesia in the area longer, or something like that.

I calm down within 20-30 minutes or so, so I don’t have experience with the long lasting effects like you experienced. I don’t take to novocain easily, so I need additional shots all the time, which means additional epinephrine with the panicky feeling and racing heart, I hate it!

Exactly, its meant to prolong the numbing. My friend had the same reaction as you.

I think it somehow interfered with my nort. They are not supposed to be taken together, and although the epinephrine has a short half life, it was still in my system when I took my nort at 10pm then was extremly dizzy, and woke up at 3:30 a mess.