Episodic Vs Chronic

I wanted to start a forum for people who consider themselves either have episodic vertigo or chronic vertigo and to discuss their stories and symptoms. Anyone who wants to chime in their specific vertigo symptoms as well as their headache symptoms and whether or not it is episodic or 24/7 should do so in this thread. :smiley:

Hi Coug
I consider myself lucky that I dont suffer the traditional pain of migraine.
however I do suffer with referred pain.
I’m also lucky that I rock 24/7 like on a rocky boat , instead of spinning vertigo, and only have that on the odd occasion.

My other symptoms are horrid!
A trance like state that lasts through out the day, I’m lucky to have 3 hours in the night feeling normal.
I cant think or comprehend properly and it makes me extremly sleepy all day.
I have No life basically.

I have been trying propranolol and hoping it works.
it started out well , but I’ve had a few bad days latley.
I concider myself a Chronic migraineur, as I normally have two a day, morning then night.
With Aura.

I fully BLAME Dr’s for my chronic condition, as I was mis-diagnosed from the begining, 18 years ago,
left to rot, and npw my condition is un stoppable, I believe If they had of diagnosed me properly,
I could have been medicated and my mav never would have become so bad.
medicated I would have had a chance.

Do I sound angry , You bet youre bottom dollar I am!
Jen form oz

Hi mine used to be episodic for about 6 years until I got VN sept 09 and now its chronic. I believe the chronic part is from the VN mainly but I get the MAV part on top so its a double whammy! Im lucky thats it only took 8 months to get formally diagnosed.
Im on meds now and starting VRT soon with high hopes , I know a lot of MAVERS say VRT makes them worse but ive seen and heard osme very good results with it so am giving it a go.
I to am like Jenny in the fact that when I got the episodic attacks I never got diagnosed properly and maybe if I had and was on meds this viscious cycle would have never happened but Ive got it now so I guess that is all that counts right?


I actually fit both catagories, eposidic and chronic. I am currently not taking any medication and slipping back into the 24/7 constant dizziness. I also experience what I call ‘dizzispells’ with and without the chronic dizziness. The dizziness from my ‘spells’ is different than the chronic dizziness. With the 24/7, things just feel off, and I feel like I am floating. With the dizzispells, the room will tilt, or rock, The floor can turn into pillows (until I fall that is), my hearing changes and the tinnititus gets louder. If I got rotational vertigo with the dizzispells, they would pass for a meniere’s attack, but never had rotational vertigo except for when it was induced.