Epstein Barr virus

I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with my mostly visual problems, but I had some blood work done with my GP a few weeks ago, and she just told me that the results showed I had (I guess I don’t have it anymore?) the Epstein Barr virus. I have been researching it on the net, and I do wonder if this virus had anything to do with my Vestibular Neuritis I had a year before all the visuals and other symptoms hit me and which still leaves me with imbalance and whatnot. She is sending me to a Rhuematologist to get his advice. She mentioned that the virus would make me fatigued and tired all the time, which is just one of my many symptoms. Anyone else have any experience with Epstein Barr?

Many sites link this virus with the virus that attacks in VN. As for how it could play into migraines and all the crazy ass symptoms I have, me and my GP are both clueless…

I started with vertigo, headaches and extreme fatigue in novemeber and i had all kinds of bloods done last month and i tested positive for the epstein barr virus. It said on my report it suggested i had it more than 8 weeks ago. I wondered if this could have been the cause of my vertigo etc but i am still going dizzy when i lay down/up and getting headaches every week.