Excited About Feeling So Good!

Hi everyone -

I haven’t been on lately because I am feeling symptom free!! :smiley: Is this it, is my bout with MAV possibly over??? I am feeling normal again. The only med I am still taking is Verapamil. I have reached not quite 3 months on it. I believe Dr. Hain was right, it takes sometimes months to feel the full effect.

Last Wedesday, my mother-in-law died very unexpectedly. Unfortunately, it was not a peaceful death, she struggled. My husband was with her. We had just talked to her several times that morning. It seems so unreal. I thank God that I am feeling so symptom free because I had to take care of all the business that goes along with someone passing away. I was able to plan the funeral, etc. without MAV. I really think if it was going to comeback, it would have because of the stress right now. Her funeral is Thursday (her wishes were to be cremated) and I know I will be able to focus on my husband and kids because I feel so much better.

My cluster headaches have not even come this year!!! Usually every March, the very beginning or even end of Feb, they hit. I am thanking God every second for this turn around. I am going to keep praying for all of you. I really am trying to believe this is real, that maybe my hormones leveled out and mav is gone!! I feel much calmer and have a sense of well being that I didn’t have with the MAV. Please everyone - -DON’T LOSE HOPE, HAVE FAITH - this can go away.

Thankful for all of my “mav” friends -


It’s good to hear that you are doing so good. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law though. :frowning: Don’t be suprised if you get the occaional off day now and then. I still do, but about half the time they are my own fault from pushing myself to hard or not watching my diet close enough.


Its great to hear success stories. What dose are you on now?

Christine -

I am taking 120 mg right before bedtime. I intially started on 1/4, then 1/2, then 3/4 of a capsule sprinkled on applesauce followed by a big glass of water. I am med sensitive so that is why I did it that way. It gave my body time to adjust. I am still taking - vitamin B complex, fish oil, Vit.D. The vitamin D I am taking has Vit. A and calcium in it too.


Great for ya! :slight_smile:

Nance…i am very happy for you! You are very lucky.

Best of Luck!


Nance, that is great news about your MAV. I am sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, however. Keep the momentum going and dont look back! I was struggling between Verapamil and Nortriptyline as my next medicine try. I decided to try Nortriptyline first…now I am rethinking it after hearing your success on Verapamil! I have already started it so I will give it a fair shot but Verapamil will be my next one, if I need it…I hope not too! Ben

Yeah Nance!!

That’s such great news! I really hope you continue to feel good. And even if you do have an “off” day here and there, at least you know that you CAN feel 100% … that’s awesome! Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law…I’m sure your husband was happy to have you there to help.

:slight_smile: Colleen

Hi Nance,

Very good news indeed!

Did you have any side effects when you started taking the med? Any increased dizziness or stomach upset? Are you side effect free now?

Your news is really inspiring!

Best … Scott 8)

Nance, I’m glad to hear your good news!! That is very encouraging.
Stay well.


Nance, can I ask does the verapamil affect your sleep, eg. sleep more or less? This is a big problem with me with meds. Or can anyone else that has taken this, tell me if it has affected their sleep?

Scott -

Hi. When I first started the Verapamil, I felt aliitle “off” for the first week or so. I didn’t have any stomach upset. I felt woozy and I had some insomnia. Dr. Hain didn’t think the insomnia was from the Verapamil. Whenever I am on a new med, I personally always get some insomnia. It doesn’t matter what type of medicine it is - antibiotic or whatever. I believe that is just how my body reacts. Now I don’t have any side effects from the Verapamil. That is why I am so glad that I chose Verapamil. I hope you are feeling well. You have always been so helpful to me. Thank you, Scott. I really hope I keep feeling well. I keep thinking, is this too good to be true? Have you ever thought about trying Verapamil?

Christine -

As for the sleeping - well, I only had insomnia at first, but I think that is just how my body reacts to new meds. I am not tired at all from the Verapamil. I must say at first I felt alittle sluggish along with woozy. I only felt sluggish during the first week or so. Nothing major though. Dr. Hain said constipation is a popular side effect from the Verapamil, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue at all.

my thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

Congratulations Nance! I’m so happy for you. I hope some day in the future I will be where you are. Sorry to hear about your mother in law.

Hey Nance,

I felt a liitle “off” for the first week or so

I tried it once a long time ago and never gave it a fair go really. The two doses I had made me feel really dizzy the entire time (like a high frequency dizziness) and upset my stomach in a really weird way. Given your results though, I should go there again. It’s just so hard when I have to work …

Scott 8)

Scott, I had exactly the same effect. I tried it years ago, but only for 2 weeks at 20 mg a day (pathetic dose) and the dizziness was too much to tolerate so I gave up. I am now very tempted to try again, if I had known the dizziness would pass soon, I would have kept on going.

Hi Christine - did it upset your stomach too?

I’m on effexor right now and it’s making my head hurt like nothing else. God, these meds are a nightmare. They always push me right to the edge. :frowning:


Hi Scott, to be honest, I cant remember about my stomach, but I do get a lot of problems with my stomach with tablets.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the effexor, its such a job to know what to take, how long to try it for when you get the side effects. I did propanalol for 3 months and never got above 40 mg and then amytryptiline for 3 months and couldnt get up to 10 mg. The propanalol gave me loose bowels over 40 mg and insomnia, and the amy knocked me out till 3 in the afternoon and gave me a hangover type head every day! I tried numerous others after that, but didnt stick with them for very long.

Hope the heads ease off soon.