Exciting new's mav

Hi every one just a note , food for thought, Ive juat had the most frieghtening things happen on friday. not long ago i was diagnosed with super ventricular tachycardia, i didnt do anything about it as they said at the time it wasnt life threatning unless it went on for many hours, ok anyway, over the past 12 years ive had on and off heart palputations and just put it down to being a couch potato.
this friday night at work i’m standing on stage singing and the next minute i woke up with a canular in my arm and was promptly carted off to hospital, they eventualy got my heart to slow down and i was allowed to leave , they gave me a drug called venapamil, ive been taking this drug for the past 2 days and all of a suddern i’m not seeing colous ect, i am rocking a tiny bit worse but i believe that is due to the sleep depravation over this week. so i am highly excited , and wanted to tell you all. maybe this drug is going to help with the MAV, if thats what this is.
i did some reading tonight and found a few articles saying that venapamil use for svt is also used for mav. how cool, you might want to check it out
any way i’m off to bed to catch up on my beauty sleep.
thanks jenny

Sorry i forgat to say the side affects so far are only light headed, which for me is usaul with the constant rocking. and a very slight tention around my head and jaw. but nothing i cant handle.

Hi Jenny

Yes verapamil is often one of the first drugs used for MAV as it has minimal side effects and appears to be very effective.


Hi Adam yes i did some research and was very excited about that, couldnt believe that this horrible attack could reep such a benifit as to get the number one drug refered by neuro’s to tread mav, some one must be looking after me up there, he he, ive searched long and hard for two years now trying to work out what was wrong with me and it seems i could soon be on the road to recovery, i’m keeping my fingers crossed it works, i’ll keep ou all informed of my progress incase it might help someone else here.
i havent seen much aura over the weekend and thats very unusaul for me. they say it may take around 10 weeks or more to have a full effect on the migraine , but after waiting 13 years that’s nothing.
talk soon Adam,
thanks jen