Exercise and diet myths–articles from Choice mag & NEJM

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I thought this article from Choice magazine was good and might interest some of you who are trying to stay fit and lose some kilos/pounds. One of the myths I thought was that running or walking 1 km or 1 mile burned the same amount of calories no matter how you got from point A to B. Not so!


Full article here: glycemicindex.com/sd/exercis … h.2009.pdf

Also, this article just appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine comparing 4 of the most popular weight loss diets (as in low fat or low carb etc). The result: no difference among any of the diets. They are all equally effective for weight loss. What ultimately matters is calories in vs calories out. One bonus was that they recommended low GI carbs across all diets. Studies here at the university show that low GI carbs keep people feeling fuller for longer and make it easier to stop the snacking and thus lose weight. Also, those of us who feel that blood glucose spikes are a migraine trigger can use low GI carbs instead of suffering from having to ban carbohydrate from their diet completely and get the exact same effect.


Full article: glycemicindex.com/sd/compari … s.NEJM.pdf

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Just a comment on Myth #6 in the first article about not eating before exercise: I submit that eating a nice big meal before vigorous exercise is a great way to lose calories. I did this once before a cycling class I took at the Y a few years back. Was starving before class & so I ate a pork chop sandwich. Mid-way through the class I stumbled from my bike & lost my pork chop sandwich in the locker room … so I actually lost all those calories because I was exercising!! :mrgreen: