Exercise as a Trigger!

Does anyone successfully workout ?
I usually go to the gym most days but im struggling lately. Im finding the gym to be a trigger for me. Its very loud. I uad adapted my workouts so im not doing burpies or anything with lots of movement.
I have no idea what type of exercise to do instead ? Everything seems to be a trigger.

I go to a small Personal Training studio, max of 3 people plus trainers at any time. I used to run, box (which I love!!) and did yoga and pilates plus PT/bootcamp until 3 years ago. I have continued exercising through all my vestibular woes but have had to change what I do and come to the frustrating realisation that I unfortunately can’t do the exercise I used to before. The studio I go to now is much better as movement is a massive trigger for me and lots of people moving around is a big no!! I now do PT twice a week and a fairly gentle yoga class once a week. My trainer is excellent and has done so much research into all things vestibular and is great at knowing what sort of exercise to do, how far to push me, and also when to stop which is something I am still not great at. So I guess my answer is yes, I do workout, but it’s very much tailored to my new health needs and I do it under strict guidance. If I’m having a bad day, we do movement rather than stereotypical PT work. I also walk daily as I get very offbalance if I don’t. Not sure if that helps any!

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Thankyou, yes that helps. I feel like my whole life is a trigger right now, with 3 small kids. The gym is my only thing for myself so the thought of giving it up is a bit rough. I guess i need to accept things and make some changes.

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I tried a “normal” gym once, before my Vestibular problems. I could not stand it, they had seven TVS on at once, VERY loud music and there were lots of people. I also found it quite dirty. I lasted 30 minutes, I never went again.

I looked around for a new gym and I found one. This gym only does weight training (no cardio), there are no TVS, there is no music. All the people working there are either physiotherapists or exercise physiologists. I stopped going when the Covid numbers were high, but I have now gone back. I really like this gym.

My suggestion @Jasmin would be to find a gym that better meets your needs.

I used to exercise regularly but the MAV pretty much put a stop to that. I find any prolonged exertion increases head pressure, basically I am gaurenteed a migraine and all associated if I step foot in a gym… :cry:

This is the hardest part!! I really struggle with acceptance, it’s a work in progress x