Experiences with Dr. Baloh

I was wondering if people who have seen Dr. Baloh can share any experiences? I have any appointment with Dr. Hain at the end of the month, but Baloh is extremely close to me.

I have seen his name on here a few times. I think is a positive way. try searching for his name and you will get some hits. Ben

Hi Cita,

To be honest if I lived near Baloh, that’s where I’d go. He’s very good and has contributed a ton of work to the science literature. He knows MAV back to front – arguabky more than Hain.

Best … Scott 8)

I visited Dr. Baloh in late 2006 and this is when he diagnosed me with “Migraine Equivalent”. I was in the room with him less than 15 minutes and he said…“i feel certain you have a Migraine related condition”. This doctor is excellent and very well informed about MAV. But…he will only see you one time. If you want to return for a follow-up you have to make an appointment to see his Assistant Dr. Cha. She is very good as well. Also…Dr. Baloh does not administer medication…you would have to have your own doctor take care of that part.