Experiences with pregabalin/lyrica?


I’ve been taking propranolol for my MAV for years; it has controlled it to the degree that I can work, but am never completely free from symptoms and relapses and have started to experience even worse short term memory loss. It’s always been there with this drug but has become too profound to stomach. I also can’t fly anywhere without becoming really ill on the flight back (2 flights does me in). I can be ill for months afterwards. Anyway, I’ve had enough of limping along and want to try a new drug - I have been prescribed pregabalin. After trialing a billion drugs before I hit on prop, I am wary as it was a rough ride, getting every side effect going.

Anyone had experiences with this drug, SE’s etc? I am wary of the weight gain side effect - just lost 10lbs that I put on with the prop over the years. It was hard won, especially as the only exercise I can do because of the MAV is power walking. Running or heavy cardio sends my symptoms mad.

Anyone had any good experiences also?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Hannah

I’ve been on Lyrica for a year and it was a miracle. I was bedridden for 2 months. Then I started Lyrica and it wiped out my MAV symptoms within 3 days. I started on 25mg and gradually increased to 300mg over a few months. However, the big problemis my symptoms catch up with it after a few months and I have to increase. I’m now on 550mg and stable again for now. Apparently max dose for migraine is 600mg so I can’t keep doing this!

I work full time now and I dont exactly avoid stress. I feel a bit wobbly at premenstrual time too. However I am fully functional which is great.

Side effects:
Upon increasing dose I get sleeplessness and slight manic tendencies! Vision goes a bit blurry but that settles. I’ve put on about 5 lb in a year but I have to say that is with eating less than normal and exercising! The weight seems to be on my boobs, tummy and bottom plus strange places like my back! My husband say he can’t see it but some of my clothes are tighter. The other thing is I think it’s affected my short term memory a bit but that could be age!

Overall it’s definitely helped massively and I say give it a go. I know some people here have reacted badly to it but you never know till you try.

Best wishes


Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your reply. They want me to start on 25mg too. Still pondering although think I will probably give it a go. I am really scared of the weight gain. I am so happy to have lost 10pounds of the 13 I put on, partly propranolol and partly over eating due to a stressful work period. I felt awful about myself, self conscious, uncomfortable, it really messed with my confidence, so don’t want to go back there. Why can’t more of these damn drugs have a weight loss side effect, why flipping weight gain. It’s such a drag.

Also, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but did it have an impact on libido? A friend of mine takes it and it has wiped hers out, which I don’t relish.


I am so sorry to hear that you are having to switch meds. I always think of you, as you have done so well on the propranolol alone. Best of luck to you. I hope you find some relief!

Hi Hannah,

For me it was instant depression. One dose and the next morning I could barely get out of bed and was down in the dumps all freakin’ day. Having said that I did trial Amitriptyline years ago and that had me feeling depressed too but not as severely … but this latest Ami round had no such effect instead turning me into a miserable grumpy bastard instead. :lol:

So my Mom is on gabapentin and she said it’s totally cool whereas Lyrica had her walking around the house like a crazed rabid drunk dog. Not a good look so I’m thinking I might get lucky on gaba. Sarah’s story is very encouraging!

Look forward to hearing good things about your next drug adventure. Too bad it’s not a Saturday night drug adventure.

Isn’t it Dr. Silva who uses this first line for migraine prevention?
Since Lyrica is the new and improved neurontin, and neurontin is supposedly less potent, maybe try that first? Just thinking aloud…and i believe Neurontin has no ceiling…you can just keep on going!
Good luck!


Sorry to just jump in but am interested as to why taking anti depressants make us feel manic and or depressed. Dizzy wise I am doing well on 150mg of prothiaden but I have waves of depression on it. I thought it was an anti depressant? Do we just have abnormal brain chemistry?

— Begin quote from "rockyksmom"

Just thinking aloud…and i believe Neurontin has no ceiling…you can just keep on going!

— End quote

Sorry - I’m jumping in also!
Is that right Kelley (no ceiling with Neurontin/Gabapentin)? Wow. I’ve been climbing upwards as per my tritration schedule, but the maximum I’ve been told to go to (based on my symptoms at each stage, etc) is 1800mg, which I’m now at. Perhaps that’s simply the max that my consultant wanted me to go to at the mo…