Extraordinary - Parkinson's may start in the gut

Like I’ve always maintained, you can’t view one part of the body as disconnected from the rest.

If you have problems in one place, they may express themselves elsewhere … and this is partly why I don’t believe MAV is a ‘brain’ issue (even though some may find a degree of relief by treating it so (but interestingly no cure!).


Coincidence, I read that on the net couple of days back but don’t think it was BBC in origin. I haven’t studied it but I agree medice should treat plp as a whole entity but look it’s all specialisms. When I broke my shoulder I was even turned away from one surgeon because he waa orthopaedic but not ‘shoulder’ specialist. Couldn’t believe it. Of course it’s all joined up. BUT my Migraines started as child as ‘sick’ headaches, then they became Abdominal Migraines. Then during my episodic MAV phase I had unexplained Upper Right Quandrant pains (diagnosed as Gall Bladder which subsequently turned out to be totally healthy) and IBS (that stomach again) type symptoms, which retrospectively I put down to MAV and which appear to stop after MAV became chronic. Helen

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I’ve had a very similar story with respect to a ‘healthy’ gallbladder that’s been a problem for years. Three ultrasounds and physical therapy later, it’s not my gallbladder. IBS is my life now that MAV is chronic. It had been, too, when my PCOS was diagnosed. I had it under control for years before MAV progressed up to chronic.

I’m certain my MAV is a genetically derived chemical disorder in the brain and affects endocrinology, or the other way around. I have other issues (PCOS related) that track with this. Genetics causes problems with the ways my proteins are formed that cascade into other chemical and physical issues. Am I genetically predisposed to diabetes? No, but a genetic error means my proteins in the cell walls are bent funny and won’t let insulin in. My brain keeps getting the signal that I need to transport glucose into the cells via insulin, so my pancreas just keeps pushing out insulin to get it into the cells. Eventually the pancreas wears out and I end up diabetic. I didn’t start there. I end there. PCOS is often co-morbid with a lot of my issues (endometriosis, TMJD, systemic inflammation and a tendency to create way too much scar tissue).

There are lots of ways a few genetic defects that translate to weird protein formations can cause systemic issues. I have no problem believing some issues in chemistry or electrical functioning in the brainstem can cause diverse, seemingly uncorrelated systemic problems. I’ve read a lot of studies that suggest migraine starts in the brainstem. Certainly that’s true for me given my propensity for brainstem aura and its cascading effects on the visual, auditory, olfactory, and sensory cortexes while its causing dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, confusion, speech impediments and ultimately pain. Who knows whether the genesis of that starts in some gut imbalance that translates into the brain or if it’s brainstem alone. It’s all endocrinology to me.

PCOS has global issues that are similar to MAV, except MAV doesn’t lead directly to diabetes and heart disease. Both have increased stroke risk, though the mechanisms may be different. Those three disease categories together (caused by increased triglycerides, increased blood lipids, increased glucose, and/or increased blood pressure) are all metabolic and are diagnostic of Metabolic Syndrome. PCOS is a direct cause of Metabolic Syndrome. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a correlation between the three (MAV, PCOS, and Metabolic Syndrome), probably all with similar genetic or epigenetic issues and located on the X chromosome. PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome go hand in hand, and I know of a lot of MAV women who also have PCOS. (Which is why I eat a diet that has me running on ketones and not glucose. It’s an end run around the problem that also happens to really lessen my MAV issues - possibly because Dr. Stanton is right about the role of glucose in CSF homeostasis and neuronal chemistry in the K/Na gates.)

MAV is a complex problem. Nearly every symptom I have can be tracked back to the brainstem, though the brainstem issues could be a result of faulty endocrinology. The brainstem is a primitive part of the brain that’s in charge of autonomic functions. The autonomic systems cascade out of whack and start messing with the higher brain functions and all sorts of hell breaks loose.

It’s a lot like America today. Don’t put a primitive in charge of the Executive Branch unless you enjoy a shit show.


Very interesting about PCOS… I also have PCOS, but never made any connection. Do many doctors make the connection yet?

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None so far.

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My eldest daughter has PCOS and migraine so I do hope she isn’t a MAV candidate in waiting! Lots of stomach problems on my side of the family plus a grandfather who had Parkinson’s - he also had gut issues. All very interesting.

My son gets migraines. I know he can’t get PCOS at least! Metabolically, he seems awfully close to his mom, though. :neutral_face:


We differ in our theories, but I totally agree that autonomic stuff gets involved and everything gets out of whack - I injured my left ear but have had symptoms in my right … and you just know that’s because the brain reacted and things just got out of control. @T_T has had the same thing … injury in one ear yet some symptoms in the other.