Extremely sore throat?

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It’s the new girl again…asking a question that perhaps has been answered before but I searched all through the general discussion as much as I had time for… :wink:

Does anyone get an extremely sore throat from MAV? I just wondered if it’s my allergies/sinuses…or if this is related to MAV. It’s weird because it’s worse in afternoon/evening. I was just throwing it out there! Thanks for dealing with a newbie.

I got “Heal Your Headache” today and hope to start it tomorrow! :idea:

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I have had this intermittently Shell. It could be allergies or I have found that with VM my neck is very sore and tight and that means the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM) which runs down by the throat can be affected and may cause it. I also wonder about how the eustacian tubes are affected as they drain into the throat. I developed crunching sounds in my ears when I move my jaw which happened a few months into VM and still remains to this day x

Yes, my daughter (13 yrs old) has a sore throat now and again, sore enough that we use throat spray, cough drops, etc. I am now kind of assuming that it’s yet another symptom although she does have allergies also so I’ve wondered if it can be due to drainage - but I don’t know your throat would get that sore, would it? She also complains of not being able to swallow, kind of feels like there’s a lump at the top of her throat and nothing goes down. That’s intermittent and doesn’t seem to be related to the sore throat, tho’. So many strange things come out of this VM!

I sometimes wake up with a sore throat and it last for a few days. Its turns into a small cold. Could be allergies. I sleep with the window open now. I think that helps

Yes i have a sore throat on and off, it never gets severe, just the type that you are aware of when swallowing, and i do not get symptoms of a cold or anything with it. It can come on and off over a few days and then be gone for a few weeks and then it is back.
I never linked it to MAV but ig you others get it to who knows?