Eye pain

Anyone else suffer with eye pain…mine includes stinging, burning eyes, a general achiness around my eyes, almost as if the skin around them is burning…and my eyes feel like they aren’t functioning right, they feel like they flicker slightly and this is all combined with visual disturbances such as floaters, visual snow and straight edges and patterns jump and shimmer…anyone relate???

I have achy eyes, and flicker, floaters and shimmering. And it feels as though I am always, just about to have an aura- like, just about to get the zig zags.

I get shimmering, loads of floaters, and blurred vision oh & halos too daily now, I’m so lucky! X

LOL!!! Yup the joy of MAV gorls, it’s unreal!!! xx

girls not gorls sorry!!

I have floaters to and eye pain especially behind my right eye. Fun!

Hi. I have the same eye & visual symptoms you listed. What fun, huh?

Hello Dizzie Lizzie,
Yes my eyes always feel out of whack. I am constantly blinking and trying to refocus. I get black spots in front of my eyes when i have headaches and also pain behind my eyes. I have bought a good quality pair of sunnies as I am really sensitive to sunlight as well.
BTW Lizzie, how did your trial with Nort go?

I used to get floaters all the time. I get the itchy burning around the base of the eyelashes sometimes and I also get knife stabs feeling in my eyes as well!!!


Hi Kylie,

I gave up on the nori, for a good 6-8 weeks I felt significantly worse…litreally much much worse, it seemed to send me in the wrong direction entirely. I stopped taking it completely around Christmas. I felt much better for it. How are you? I am still up and down but my ups are better than they were!! I have had a potential Lyme diagnosis but I’m keeping an open mind until I see David Owen, a lyme specialist here in the UK as I don’t know how to interrpret the results/what to think…I have such a family history of migraine I have no clue what to think anymore, super confusing and frustrating. i am on antibiotics (2.5 weeks and thus far no change…)!! I hope you have found some relief? xxx

Mine feels like eye strain, it comes and goes.

Yeah i get sore eyes and my eyes ache (sore). I get lots of flare from lights. I also get blured vision!!

so much eye stuff going on for me. eye pain as in my actual eyeballs hurt even if i touch the upper lids (where you would put on eye shadow) - so so sore! also my left eye is particularly out of whack as I posted about recently - blurring a lot and now the vision in that eye seems almost slightly slanted. makes me super nauseas. much worse when looking into the distance than up close. i also tried my contacts on for the first time in a while yesterday and it made the weird vision thing 100% worse - so bad that I couldn’t keep them in for 10 minutes. i also get burning, stinging eyes.

saw another opthalmologist this week who said the problem is NOT with my eyes. :?

Where have you guys been!? :slight_smile: I’ve been posting about eye problems for years. I have them all.

Trouble tracking/focusing.

Floaters (Crystal clear amoeba like ones as well as black spider webs. These are always there, but only notice them outdoors are on white/tan walls)

Scheerer’s Phenomenon/Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon ( migraine-aura.org/content/e2 … ex_en.html )

Negative afterimages



Dry eyes

I wouldn’t call it eye pain, but my eyes are always kinda dull and achey. They always feel tired. All of these problems are 24/7. Seen Optometrists, Opthamologists, Neuroopthamologists and Neurologists. They all say eyes are perfectly healthy. They don’t even see any floaters. It’s basically like I am just hypersensitive.

Only other symptoms are 24/7 brain fog and imbalance. Going on 3 years now. Only 29 years old and healthy otherwise. Treating this as migraines even though I have no real answers.

Are all your floaters around full time? Do they look like this? migraine-aura.org/content/e2 … ex_en.html

Oh yea, lots of eye drops for burning eyes.

I don’t know if my eye pain matches anyone else’s…

I went to my eye doc a few months ago because one of my eyes hurt as if I’d been hit in the eye and had a bruise IN it. My eye itself hurt. I hadn’t been hit, and I thought it was odd, and it started to get less intense (it was never excruciating, so I never thought about going to the ER), but it didn’t go away. So about 4 days into it, I called and got an appointment. The appointment was a couple days later, and by then the pain was gone (naturally!). Everything was fine, and I felt like an idiot.

Later, I wondered if it could have been a manifestation of migraine pain I just hadn’t had before. I think the weather was doing some bizarre things then - I’m a human barometer - and I don’t think I was at my max dose of Topamax either (I’ve been playing with the dose, trying hard to keep away from 200mg, but that’s where I keep ending up).