Eye stuff + pressure

Hey folks,

Just wondered if anyones symptoms turned to eye related stuff after a while…

I’ve been getting what I can only describe as pressure at the right side of my face… Concentrated around my eye now… My dizziness seems to have settled slightly after a few months but now I’m getting this odd eye thing! Always at outide corner of eye and side of face and temple… Makes it sometimes feel like my eyes are out of synch? (Had eyes tested and all fine)

Can make my eyelid feel odd sometimes too, but no drooping visually or anything like that? Sometimes feels like air trapped in there, sometimes feels like that feeling in your nose when snot moves, but its in my eyes and head??

I’ve got a cat scan on monday, and I’m so scared!

Any thoughts welcome?

Ps- this is just my latest symptom, gone through all dizziness and more over last month? Constantly changing?

I have eye symptoms. In my case my MAV-like symptoms were determined to have been caused by a tear in the dura of my neck causing a csf leak. I got the leak patched, it took several tries to get it stopped. Since then I have had rebound high CSF pressure (high intracranial pressure). It is a rebound effect of my brain over producing for so long while I was leaking. I am on a diuretic to help with the symptoms called Diamox. The eye symptoms really bug me and are worse in the evening. The dizzy is gone unless I take too much of the Diamox which can cause low pressure.