Eye weakness

I seem to have developed a new symptom and its a bit scary. Has anyone else had this. This happened earlier on this year and now again, this morning. I woke with one eye that wouldnt open, it felt like the muscle wouldnt work. It took a few seconds for me to be able to open the eye. I didnt feel right in myself, bit dizzy, odd. No headache but sinus pain same side of nose as the eye. Three hours later, flashing light zig zag semi circle in the same eye that wouldnt open. Felt muzzy all day but no real head pain.

Just wondered if any of you have had the eye that wont open in the morning.


Yes, I get exactly the same thing Christine. Always the same eye, my right one, my weak “migraine” eye. It comes on out of the blue and might stay a few days, maybe a week or so, then reverts to normal til the next time. It’s horrible very first thing when you can’t get your eye to open properly but I’ve got used to it now and it doesn’t bother me that much, just irritating. I’ve also had the flashy light, semi -circular thing too but not so much until the evenings of these eye “dos”. When it’s occurring it seems as though my whole eye/head are is out of sinc somehow with a will of its own so I just let it do its thing til it goes back to normal. I’ve probably had it going on and off now for more than a year at least, more like two I think, I can’t quite recall. It used to be a bit disconcerting but now it’s just a nuisance.


Hi christine

I get it but sort of the opposite way round. In the evening when I’m tired my left eye sometimes half closes and it won’t stay open. It’s really annoying, but I only get it during MAV bouts, like now.

Neurology of the facial musculature is tremendously complex, and migraine can affect all of it it seems.

Best wishes

Dizzy Lizzy x

Brenda are you saying that your flashing light thing comes on later on in the day, after the eye is closed first thing? Thats what happened to me, it was 3 to 4 hours later. Weird.

Yes Dizzy I get that too, have for years. One of my eyes just half closes and stays like that.

Ok well thats put my mind at rest anyway, I suppose its just another weird thing to put up with. The migraine is still there today which is always the way with the flashing light ones, but at least I think I found the cause. Had eaten a lot of sugar free chewing gum the day before, looks like there was aspartamine in it. Didnt realize I could get such a severe reaction from that but there was nothing else I could think of that caused it.

Thanks guys.


Yes, Christine, I mostly get the flashing light thing just before I go to bed/sleep. So it’s at least 12 hours or so after those waking eye issues. I was thinking today that I haven’t had an episode of it for a while now. No idea why not or why I get them in the first place. Do you get ‘dry eye’ at all with it? I did the last time it happened.


Brenda, funny you should ask that, just this last two years I have started suffering with dry eyes, I have drops I put in now and again. Also I have swollen eyelids near the lashes and itch now and again, like allergy, I am doing hot flannel soaks and using lid scrubs etc. but have not seen this swelling go down in months.