Eyes like static momentarily

Hi everyone. The past few days when I wake up my vision is a bit like static for maybe 10 seconds or so and then i am fine. Things are also moving around a bit but thats nothing new. Any one else get this. Iv read about VSS but it seems like that is constant and this is a migraine aura? Undiagnosed Mav here waiting for neuro in 2 weeks but maybe this is a hint this is MAV?

There’s nothing to be scared about. It’s unlikely this will hurt you. These are just weird symptoms and sensations. Indeed, anxiety from the symptoms might make the condition worse, especially if like me it came on after a prolonged period of severe stress.

Community reported and ‘official’ symptoms here: Symptoms common to MAV & VM

We can’t diagnose here, of course.

Note that MAV is not migraine, it’s MAV. The migraine symptoms are part of the spectrum of symptoms. Some people speculate it’s all down to migraine, but in reality it’s a bucket diagnosis when you don’t fulfil other criteria with an unknown pathophysiology.

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Bit of a relief to hear it is not rare. This is almost 3 weeks in to lexapro switch from prozac. Not sure if this is a sign things are changing for the better or worse😅

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Changing meds or levels of meds can cause decompensation and really stir the beast. So do it slowly. Prozac is highly controversial so that’s worth the effort and impact in the long term imho. You will stabilise at some point.

Yup i remember you said prozac sucks so glad im getting off of it. With prozac it almost felt like my eyes were functioning seperate but not double vision. Was weird

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What is decompensation?

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Your vestibular system getting out of tune.

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Is VM vestibular based or brain based? Lexapro startup and prozac withdrawal is characterized by dizziness lol so my vestibular system is likely whack

You can’t easily separate the these things out: who knows?!

The A in MAV means Associated not Caused. The shift to call this VM is imho an unwise fashion.

There’s a Big Pharma backed dogma it is just ‘migraine’ whatever that means which allows them to be vague and push pills and make money whilst a proper cure is not researched. There seem to be just endless papers on what symptoms there are and which pills help a bit. The exact mechanisms remain elusive.

For those experiencing positional vertigo that pretty much proves it also involves the ears as only the ears have the capability to determine momentum. The brain can’t do that. This doesn’t mean the ears are broken, but it does mean that they are impacted and intimately involved, however reversibly. There are clues to this in other symptoms, tinnitus, ETD like symptoms etc etc. It’s been debated ad nauseum on this site with people taking highly ideological positions on occasion, but in the end of the day we don’t know anything for sure.

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Yup i agree at the end of the day i got no clue what is wrong just hoping for some relief like everyone else. At the end of the day it would be nice to know but if i can get relief that’s the important part. But more research would really help in finding better treatment.

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Imho I think stress, anxiety and related hormones are very likely to be found to be the ultimate culprit.

One reason I say this is that there appears to be a vicious cycle involved which is hard to begin with to escape. I lay odds this is anxiety taking its toll, and specifically anxiety about the condition itself which has a perpetuating effect.

There may also not be exactly the same point of entry for everyone but some of the perpetuation may be similar.

Another thing that might emerge is decompensation as a side effect of antidepressants which keep you in the cycle …

We shall see …

In the meantime use the clinical knowledge to get on top of the symptoms but always keep an eye on eventually weaning off all meds as far as possible so you can let the magic of the brain happen. Not an option for everyone but something for people to keep in mind …

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Stress about the decompensation makes things worse. And likely leads to people stopping the anti depressants. Stress is what seemed to trigger this all for me. It is a cycle and it becomes and OCD behavior as well. I spend way too much time a day on the fourm and google and reading articles.

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My very first symptoms where episodes of acute dizziness when confronted momentarily with “dread stress” moments due to work or personal relationship problems. These weren’t normal for me. I was generally a happy, healthy, confident person. This was because I was being pushed to extremes.

The chronic state only came on later. I should have got off that train sooner but that’s life. Sometimes you don’t see things coming, and how could you if you’ve never come across this condition before?

It’s akin to burnout.

The good news, and let’s get back to good news, is there is light at the end of the windy tunnel. Have faith you will feel better but you have to fight and regain control. Meds can definitely help but they aren’t the only important thing and my oto-neurologist told me to make sure I ultimately got off them because they are “not healthy” in the long term. They are an assistance in the meantime.

You are certainly right and it seems like anxiety is a predisposing factor to this. So you think the reason why AD are so effective is because of their anti anxiety and stress effects more so than anything else? As much as prozac sucks this did all start for me when i got off of it in december

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It’s complex. Yes I agree but they also calm the brains tendency to go out of control (migraine). There are other effects: Amitriptyline for example is specifically a vestibular suppressant which can help some sufferers in itself.

Coming off Prozac might have caused decompensation. It doesn’t mean Prozac was necessarily a good thing to remain on. It just means that getting off it upset your homeostasis.

I could stay here asking questions for hours but dont want to keep you from your day

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Not a problem. But yeah I should get on.

Tonnes of experiences and different opinions on the site. Do take a good look around.

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Haha i see you as the father of this group so i value your opinion a lot having been here and witnessed so much

I still get static eyes in the morning… but to be fair i think i had it before i got MAV…

I often get “static eyes” when I first get up out of bed, but I always thought it was caused by low blood pressure and not getting enough blood flow to my visual cortex. Maybe I’m way off in my thinking.