Facial numbness

Hi Everyone
Does anyone else experince this? I woke up not dizzy today , but then I started getting the whooshys as I call them where everything just goes whoosh and spins in like a half spin . I was getting these about once every 10 mins and had them last night aswell , they last about 5 seconds.
Then I started getting a numb chin , tingling down my little finger aswell but the numbess was going to different parts of my face , chin , lips forehead.
Now Ive got a splitting headache and numbness keeps coming and going , does anyone else get this?
The spins have calmed down a bit though but still there , wish I could lie down but have two children under 4 to look after .
Is this a migraine or do you think its something like MS? Im getting very worried about MS although Ive had a clean MRI I know that dosent always matter .

Im starting to worry xx

Blondie xx

I often get facial numbness. A few times it has occured following a visual aura but usually it happens when I’m just not feeling that great. My nose and over my right eye are the most common numb areas for me.

I get the tingling and numbness with the heads, usually its around the mouth area.


I had a lot of numbness/tingling when I was doing very poorly, and I still get occasional right facial numbness (like the dental anesthetic is wearing off). During my bad days, I would get numb in my right face, neck, arms, knees, and ankles. I also had a lot of chills. Migraine is crazy, but it’s reassuring to know that’s what it is - not MS. If you’re very worried, you could ask your doctor about getting an MRI or other tests to exclude MS (but they’ll likely be normal).