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Facial Pain

Continuing the discussion from Ear fluttering and pulse:

I always enjoy finding facts that show MAVers aren’t really that different from the rest of the population so I was pleased to read a summary of a report by a Professor Arne May in the journal Neurology which appeared in a recent Daily Mail. Your neuro must be on the ball Jo cos it states one in ten if people suffering headaches also experience jaw, teeth, cheek and eye socket pains. Around 15 % of people who get cluster headaches experience facial pain and 2% of migraineurs. German researchers from Hamburg University said ‘facial pain’ should be classed as another illness (oh, no not another one. I’m thinking MAV, PPPD) seems a bit previous when they went in to say further research is needed to establish whether headaches and facial pain are two separate syndromes. Helen

Only 2%? I bet we have a higher percentage here. My right eye socket gets to feeling like someone is trying to scour it with steel wool. And sometimes I’m very aware of my teeth. I can think of a bunch of us with facial pain. @GetBetter gets black eyes with his migraines.

Add me to that statistic too… My right eye feels like someone is scraping back of my eye and around it with the tip of a really sharp steak knife and when it’s very bad, my right cheekbone throbs and my upper teeth nervy…
The list is endless


Interesting,… When I told my neuro that my mum had trigeminal neuralgia, he said it was likely linked to migrane…
My mum has been to lots of consultants over the years for facial pain and they firmly have her in the tn bucket vs migrane. But she has history of migrane so some links are there. Tn is truly awful, feel for anyone with this type of facial pain x

That was the figure quoted. 2% of, I’ll find you the exact figure, the 1,935 migraineurs questioned. Yes sure we’d have a higher percentage on here amongst MAVers. Wonder if that might just be because most of us had or still have 24/7 symptoms which means we are continually in a heightened state of hypersensitivity and that extends to pain as much as light, sound, smell, and everything else others might barely even notice. As I’m not a headache MAV I can generally discount pain hypersensitivity except yesterday when I was in the doctor’s surgery whilst just happening to be more acute than usual, I noticed the BP Monitor arm band was really really hurting to an uncomfortable level as it was pumping up. I just couldn’t wait for it to release. Helen

Yes, they did mention eye sockets specifically. Helen