Falling thru the bed?

Do most of you feel like you are going to fall through your bed - or chair - when you are sitting down???

Everything bothers me, but sometimes that is the hardest thing to deal with because I cannot find any single position to give me any relief from the constant, chronic motion!

Yes, that feeling as if I’m falling thru the bed is probably the worst symptom. At it’s worst, i would get violent swings, where it felt as if my feet were pointing towards the ceiling and my head had fallen in the opposite direction. That symptom made me, by far, the most anxious, not knowing when it would happen again, but knowing it would, and With treatment, this symptom has almost gone away - i am more relaxed and able to cope with the other stuff.


What treatment is working for you? And others?



Zoloft is really starting to kick in for me. I’m ultra-med-sensitive and had to start by cutting those 25 mg pills in sixths, going up 1/6 every week. I had some weird psych stuff happen if i tried going up in larger increments, it was pretty scarey, but my psychopharmacologist buddy coached me and i’m now up to about 38 mg. I noticed an improvement from the very beginning, though small, and then nothing further for some weeks. But for sure, this last increase has really made a huge difference. For the first time in 16 months I have been able to walk to the mailbox, cook dinner, and be out of bed more than I’m in bed. I just hope more increases continue to give me more improvement.

When i was at my worst, with those violent bed swings (and I forgot to mention the horizontal swings - besides the vertical swings, i would get perfectly horizontal swings - i would rotate violently 180 degrees, and then back again, all in a split second) I was very anxious - it’s a very scarey feeling. I started protecting myself by staying in bed, being less talkative, lying as still as possible so as not to stir things up. I told my husband more than once that this life was really feeling not worth living.

I’m nowhere near normal but I have certainly re-entered life - i look forward to getting up in the morning (I used to wake up and thing - “oh s___t” here we go again, and anxiously count the hours until it was time to go to sleep again.

Sorry for going on and on like that, to answer your question again, Zoloft, plus an occasional Valium for times that i really need to be more functional (like getting to the doc’s office - i really have to drug myself to be able to tolerate the ride) has made a huge difference for me.

I also do the migraine diet and some supplements, but i’m not at all sure how much they are helping.



That is one of the worst positions for me: I am not able to lay on my back. Because of this, I can’t let the dentist lay me as far back in her chair as she would like. I can’t work on my car, I am the only guy in my work area that has to take his car in to have the oil changed. I get all sorts of c**p about that, people keep telling me that I can save so much money doing it myself, and I tell them that I need two buckets, one to catch the oil, and one to catch my lunch, and that usually quiets them down. It even gets in the way sometimes when spending alone time with my wife if you know what I mean.

BTW, I haven’t experienced that when sitting. I believe it is a positional thing, when I am sitting, my head is upright (except for recliners,) when I am laying down, my head is horizontal, facing up.

This is also one of those symptoms that I have experienced all of my life but to a much lesser degree. I thought everyone else experienced it, so I just toughed it out. Since this all started up, I am no longer able to tough it out, and no longer allow myself to get in this position.