Family history

i met my aunt today who i only see twice a year - she told me she suffers from a balance problem with her head not liking uneven floor, wobbly bridges etc and suffered really bad travel sickness as a kid and even now cannot sit facing the wrong way on a train - guess its quite common for an extended family member to have similar issues to MAV?

has she been diagnosed or treated? i think more people than we think actually have mav but they have much more mild forms then are found on this website. i think people have little blips here and there but when they dont affect their daily life too much people might not seek treatment or else push to get a real diagnosis/treatment. i personally i have met 2 people recently who i believe have mav but their symptoms are not 24/7 and would probably not really think to join a support group online for it.

nope im sorry make that 3 people- my primary care dr., a former neighbor, and the lady who helps me with chores and errands- she gets attacks but feels fine in between her attacks.

she saw a doc a while ago (years ago) who thought maybe tinnitus!!?!! but she didnt agree and has put up with it ever since - dont think its been 24/7 for days on end though.

tinnitus is ringing in the ears which is a completely different problem. yea if these things are mild I think people just sort of put up with them bc it is easier than fighting to get a diagnosis with this problem