Family members with MAV symptoms?

Does anyone have family members who have confirmed MAV or suspicious symptoms? No one in my family, incl me, has had a diagnosis, but i wonder about my mom and brother.
My mom: I have never met anyone in my life who has had as much “sinus drama” WITHOUT SIGNIFICANT CONGESTION, mind you, as she. LOL. Allergy shots for years, daily “sinus headaches”, and dizzy spells which sound identical to mine. She told me that for years now, she can no longer tolerate thrusting downward or upward head movements due to dizziness. I know it’s not entirely her fault because her doctors always told her she had bad sinuses/allergies. She does have fewer dizzy spells on Paxil, which she’s been on for 15 yrs for anxiety…hmm. Also, since she’s been on Pax, she said she no longer gets dizzy walking into super-stores like Wal Mart.
My brother gets dizzy driving too fast, going up/down stairs, looking upwards, and he has the same general chronic imbalance that I feel. All of us checked out normal as far as our ears go. No classic migraines in our family. Why do doctors miss this stuff and always blame allergies, etc?..

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Why do doctors miss this stuff and always blame allergies, etc?..

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That’s a good question! If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard someone being told this I’d surely be loaded. I’ve never even heard of a plausible explanation for someone to be dizzy solely because of an allergy. It’s rubbish.