Family Support

Hi everyone, :slight_smile:
I haven’t posted in awhile. I wish I was able to, It’s been hard to get on the computer because it makes my symptoms worse.
Has anyone ever had anyone in their family tell you its all in your head? I recently found out a family member of mine has said this behind my back. I know this is not in my head. I feel like the floor is a trampoline and bounces, so I know there is a physical reason behind what is causing this. Does everyone have supportive familes? I’m in tears everday because this disorder is so debilitating. I feel like I’m being tortured everday by these horrible symptoms. I’m actually getting motion sick, sick to stomach when I walk now. I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster when I walk on top of the trampoline walk. I’m going to start taking migraine med on Monday, so I’m hoping so much this one is the answer for me and I’ll improve.

To an extent, yes … early on, at least one family member was telling me that I was making a mountain out of a molehill and that it was 75% psychosomatic because I was “dwelling on it.”

They eventually backed off that notion once they realized it wasn’t just a stupid sinus infection.

I’m not confrontational by nature, but if this person in your case is immediate family, I’d probably (if I were in your shoes) confront them.

Heck, send them to MVertigo and tell them to read the “Post Your Story” thread! (I defy anyone to dare say that 100+ people are all “making this up”!)

Of course, MAV is awful, and you shouldn’t have to put up with someone who thinks you should just “get over it.”

Don’t we all wish we had a magic wand we could wave, and make everyone we know have our MAV for even 10 minutes?! No one would ever trouble us again about it!

Thanks George. :slight_smile:

MAV is so terrible. I never dreamed there could be a disorder that could cause the symptoms that I am having. Yes, I too wish I could wave that magic wand and let that person feel what I am feeling for ten minutes. This person would literally be in tears if she had to go through what we go through everyday.

i think the problem is as time goes on and nothing seems to change the condition it is very hard for many people to understand when we LOOK okay on the outside we are suffering terribly inside. and that is not something we can just stop of shut off or we would all do just that to stop the madness.

For me because the anxiety is so bad and I rarely go out anymore that is where i get the “some of this may be in your head” …really yes it is in my head literally.

I agree with what Timeless said about MAV. To others, you look fine on the outside and you don’t have any symptoms that can really be seen, so people don’t understand what you are going through. Before going through this myself, I had never heard of people having constant dizziness that 1) were my age, 31 and 2) was caused by migraine. And, unless you research MAV, or find this great forum :slight_smile: , you are clueless…I was for many months. I know that it was not in my head. Anxiety makes you feel worse no question, but MAV is a real condition. Hang in there girl. I hope your next migraine med trial works well for you! Keep us posted!

Yeah, my parents mostly belieive it’s all anxiety, and that “doing things” would clear most everything up again. After TWO YEARS of this crap, 1.5 of which I’ve known what it is.

dizzyinaz - I am so very sorry that you experienced that. This illness is so hard to cope with. Having an invisible illness has been mostly a curse for me (I realize it could be a blessing too when you don’t want others to know), as I am always concerned about what other’s think. It is in my nature that I want others to like me, etc., and I sometimes worry that others think I’m exaggerating. Our symptoms seem like an exaggeration, but they most certainly are not. Luckily, no one has accused me of lying or exaggerating, but I do worry about what people think. What we have is unimaginable until you experience it. Besides having the hardship of being so very ill, I am ALWAYS grappling with the invisible aspect of this illness. Fortunately, my husband is VERY supportive and believes me 100%, as he sees how ill I am day in and day out, but he even admits that he cannot imagine what I feel like. How could you?

I think one of the realizations that we that have MAV have to come to understand is that many of those that do not suffer from this will never understand, nor can we really expect them to although it is very hard on those of us that suffer.

I have two children (grown) that do not they think I need to get up and get out, they do not have the life experiences yet to know how these type issues can effect ones life.

I would say if it bothers you that they do not understand try to sit down with them one on one and talk to them about your condition…it may do you both some good in the end . Plus you need no additional stress in your life as that only adds to the issue at hand.

Personally if it is an outsider and they do not understand…well I would probably let it go…the only people I want to understand is my husband, and the ones that I am close to so they know when I cannot do things it is real and not an excuse. I need their support and do we all need the support of those we care about and love…the rest of the world is not important to my over all well being so i cannot worry about waht they think or I sure enough would be crazy…

Hang in there…we are going through this together and better days will be ahead… :smiley: