Is fatigue common with this? I feel it must be but I’ve had extreme exaustion recently and my pcp is scaring me with fibromyalgia, is it common to develop fibro with this or is the fatigue normal??

Exhaustion? Yes definitely - looking at the time constantly and just wanting to lie down & go to sleep. I think it’s pretty normal for MAVers!

ive also been told fibro, but i do have a signs of sjorgens aswell but they arent sure. fibro doesnt have any real tests so i would control the mav first to see if fatigue resloves. Fibro is more commonly seen with auto immune and as there is no test, im not convienced that its it name given when they cant explain whats going on. Do you have joint pain as thats supposedly part of it too. Oh im so exhausted its beyond a joke, i sometimes feel like its going to make me collapse in a heap

I really don’t have joint pain, and really the only tender points out of the 18 I have that are sometimes painful are neck and shoulder. It’s the fatigue, lack of energy and sore legs that suggests fibro, mds just grabbing at straws at this point I guess. Pcp wants me to stop verapamil now as she thinks it’s causing my fatigue and muscle pain, decreased it to 60 last night and my head is killing me. I have had an Ana, crp, and sed rate checked but were all neg. she wants me to try cymbalta next, kinda nervous about that…

Dr. Buchholz thinks there is a link with fibro, chronic fatigue and MAV. I fight fatigue all the time with MAV!


A big fat yes to the original question. Not always, but I’ve had times when I’ve been migraining that I’ve had terrible fatigue and crushing all over aches and pains. All part of Fun with Migraine :roll: