Favorite illicit tipples

Knowing that some of us are rather more daring when it comes to food and drink, I was wondering whether folks have had experience since the MAV hit with some that I used to particularly enjoy. (I fear that most or all of these are in the realm of don’t-even-think-about that-one.)

3-5 potonos–ah, that one’s even called rotten.

Apart from Ovaltine I havent heard of any of these. But if you are talking about alcohol, that is now restricted to having sips of “whatever my daughter is drinking” that night. Tried a blueberry cider the other night, that was nice! Rum and coke (my old tipple). The last alcoholic drink I had for myself was a tumbler of wine at a very tense Christmas “do”. Bright lights, no music and everyone stood in circles looking awkward. First time I risked it for years …MISTAKE… I felt immediately drunk, dropped some photos someone was showing me, bent down to pick them up, nearly fell over on the floor. Home and full blown vertigo attack. Never again.

Isnt Ovaltine Malt?? Thats out then.

List some foods, David, I have had more experience of falling off the wagon with those :smiley:



I have heard of Ovaltine and sake and maybe retsina (is it Greek? Tastes like cloves and/or cinnamon?) but drink none of them.

Gin and tonic is my poison.


I do fruit cordials but I make 'em myself so there’s no nasties in 'em (unless you’re Scott and can’t do the fruit thing :lol: )

haven’t tried any of those other things. I normally stick to the white wine (very rock and roll)

— Begin quote from “Victoria”


Gin and tonic is my poison.


— End quote

I was wondering abut that recently. Gin seems like vodka or grain alcohol with juniper added. Are you okay on that?