Fed up and upset

Ive been dealing with migraines now for 6 months, although i have had them in the past it didnt really cause me too much of a problem as the headache would go away if I went to sleep and I only got the headaches maybe a couple of times a year. Earlier this year I started getting weekly painful headaches and started to feel dizzy when moving my head. This lasted for about 4 months, at the moment I am taking propranolol 240mg daily. I started to feel alot better and the headaches definately started to go away. But the past two weeks I have had two awful headches and was sick this time with it. Just when I thought i was getting better, Im now starting to feel a bit dizzy and heavy headed again a couple of days later and wondering if the medication is actually helping. Has anyone tried a medication which worked for a while and then the symptoms started to come back again?

I really hope it doesnt get as bad as it was, as I couldnt do anything, was off work for 2 months, couldnt drive ,felt like I was in a trance and not really there. Ended up being completely miserable as I couldnt carry on with normal life, - and couldnt exercise, which makes you feel a bit down anyway.

I just dont know what to do at the moment. My neurologist has said that I can try the next option of medication if propranolol doesnt work and then when I feel better to stay on it for 3 months and then slowly come off it., and he said that I dont need to go back and see him again unless I have any further problems. I feel like I have just been left on my own to trial the medication and its just that it takes so long to come off one drug then introduce yourself to the next and in the meantime feeling rubbish and not being able to function as normal.

Sorry for sounding negative and I know getting stressed out about it doesnt help, in fact it makes it worse, but I just dont know what to do , I hope I dont feel like this forever.
Rach x

Hi Racheal,

I think it’s fairly common to have periods of being migrainous again even when you are on a drug that controls your symptoms. Migraine can’t really be cured it can only be controlled. You can still have upsurges of symptoms but generally, in my experience, if you are on a drug that is controlling it, the symptoms won’t last as long and will die down again, so you get back to your normal. In that respect it’s similar to someone with asthma who is ok a lot of the time but still gets wheezy now and again.

Have you read Heal Your Headache by David Bucholz. He gives an excellent description of how migraine works - namely it can be started by a build up of triggers. Learning to avoid those triggers along with taking the medication is more likely to keep the migraine at bay.

Don’t despair, this doesn’t necessarily mean the drugs aren’t working, it could just be a blip. I take propranolol and still get symptoms. I can’t get my dose high enough to control the condition completely as it makes me too tired. However, it does make me much more able to live a normal life a lot of the time. It’s important to try not to panic if you do become symptomatic - try to see it as a temporary thing - tell yourself this too shall pass, panic will make things worse.


Hi Hannah

Thanks for your message. It made me feel better! I am still feeling a bit dizzy in the head and not quite right at the moment, but think its cause ive got alot on at the moment and am maybe getting stressed, although I try hard not to. So hopefully like you said it will pass and I’ll feel more normal again. I do tend to panic and think Im just gonna get worse, so need to just relax and let it pass. I have reduced my medication back to 160mg a day as I was feeling alot better when I was taking this dose. Also a few weeks into taking 240mg a day I started to get horrific nightmares, so thats partly why Ive reduced it.

Are you able to do exercise with your migraine symptoms? I have had to stop going to my dance class as i just cant face jumping around! Im gutted because I really enjoy it. Although I did do a yoga class which was more gentle, but even doing that, some parts of the class made me feel dizzy. Then you start to wonder if its worth going…
I am defintely going to get a copy of Heal your Headache book - sounds really interesting.

I know how you feel. I have been dizzy 24-7 for 26 months!! I feel like ending it at times. My nose has been “dead” for a week now :?
Sorry guys for the rant… I don’t know what to do… this is just stupid now. :frowning: I just want my life back…

When I got hit worst - - couldn’t walk straight enough to get to the end of the block without holding onto fences or my wife - - I felt really sidelined. On my better days I could do desk work, on worse days, not even writing.

What I really regretted, once I started feeling better, was that I didn’t do what exercise I could have, even on the bad days. Lie abed and do a single crunch; then lie back. Roll over and try a single push-up, even if only from my knees up, and then lie back down. Or hold my legs up for a few. Build only as fast as my body and head allow.

I now know that this sort of thing would have made me feel a whole lot better, even if the immediate short-term effect would have been increased dizzies, even a bit of nausea. And I’m not fond of that type of exercise even when well.