Feel worse after lying around all day?

I’m just wondering how many of you struggle when you have had a day lying around?

Obviously if you are having a vertigo ‘attack’ it’s all you can do, but inbetween, I find if I lie around in the day to watch TV or a movie and then have to get up later to go out, I feel really off balance and out off sorts. It really throws my system out.

Just wondering if it’s just me!

Yes, i have this, it’s good to keep moving. The more i slob - for example having a tummy bug that meant i had to stay still for a couple of days, took me a while to get back into the swing of things!

Yeah, me too. My balance system doesn’t seem to do so well when I’ve been lazing around!

me too! x

Thanks guys! So weird isn’t it!

Also, if I sleep and get straight up I’m better than if I wake up and lay in.

Weird old brain !!!

I actually feel better when I am lying down. I mainly feel my symptoms when stood up and moving around. I do try to stay active though as lying down all day is not good for the psyche

I’ve heard that the MAV brain doesn’t like lie ins! I’m the same - have to get straight up and eat asap otherwise i feel alot worse!

In the short term, I feel better lying down as it is not using my balance system but if I lie in too long or just spend a very lazy day doing hardly anything then I can feel more muzzy and woozy headed. Conversely if I do too much activity then I can feel more woozy and off balance too. Got to find the balance between doing enough but not overdoing it x

Jem, I couldn’t have said it better myself!