Feelin good

I know how good it made me feel to read about people feeling better on these boards, especially when I was really feeling down and out. So, I wanted to share a positive story of my own.

I have been taking Cymbalta now since the middle of March (about two months) and I can honestly say that I am feeling about 95% on most days. The rocking when I was sitting or standing still was one of the first symptoms to go, followed by the dysequilibrium and the feeling that I was always veering to one side as I was walking. The heavy head, bowling ball feeling is also barely noticeable anymore. The brain fog and “mush head” feeling is so much better. I feel like I can think clearly and concentrate better than I have in a year. My headache situation is back to where it was before all the dizziness started, which is that I have a few mild headaches a month. Nothing that an OTC medicine can’t take care of. I feel less exhausted (even with my totally crazy schedule) and I have energy to take care of my daughter :slight_smile: ) can bring on some weird visual dizziness, but it’s manageable now.

I am still being careful with my diet, although I have been able to loosen up a bit. I am much more conscientious of everything that I put into my system. I really try to avoid anything with MSG and I am pretty careful about chocolate and really limit my caffeine as well. I drink a ton of water and always try to make sure that I am eating at regular intervals…not eating seemed to always make the dizziness worse.

One of the biggest advantages to taking the Cymbalta has been the help with my anxiety over this condition. I am SO much more calm and rational. When I have a day where I’m not feeling great or if I get a little dizzy here and there, I don’t immediately go into panic mode. I say to myself now, “I’m okay, maybe I’m overdoing it”, or ,”I feel a little dizzy today, but tomorrow I’ll be fine.” And, I am fine. I realize now that I have probably always had pretty severe anxiety, but was always kind of in denial about how seriously it affected me. And, after the MAV hit, I was a complete mess. Now, that I’m not as anxious…I know how bad it was. I am able to enjoy life SO much more without all the worry and stress. This has helped my life out in so many aspects.

I know that trying to find the right medication SUCKS! I feel very lucky that Cymbalta was only my fourth trial (after Nadolol, Vivactil, and Verapamil). Like I said, I am not 100% but I am confident that I will continue to improve and I’m ready to stick it out. I know that all of you will find something that will work and give you some relief. Please don’t give up!! I was where all of you were at different points throughout the last year and I never felt like it was going to end, but I know now that it can be managed. You WILL all get there!! I hope my story gives you all a little hope today :slight_smile:


Thank you, Colleen, for sharing. that is FANTASTIC news!! Just wondering what dose of Verapamil did you get up to? it also did not help me, and nadolol didn’t help either. I am so happy that you shared. Please keep us updated.

thanks for the hope!!! I am not on anything right now. But may change that very soon as i think my anxiety and extremely stressful lifestyle are kicking my butt right now. I was just recently dx after 4 years of thinking I had menieres. so i am trying diet first for a few months and then maybe nortrypline. but I had a classic migraine for the last 7 days and it is just frustration I just told the doctor last week how i rarely get headaches with the vertigo



Thanks so much for sharing your good news. It does help to read others’ success stories. I’m very happy for you!


Hi Lisa,

I only took Verapamil for about a week. I started at 120 mg (which was probably too high) and felt REALLY dizzy and lightheaded so I stopped taking it. I also was taking it at a time where my anxiety was sky high so I’m sure that made it worse too.

Colleen -

I am so happy for you. Isn’t is great to feel good again? I am so glad that your anxiety is better too. I am still on the Verapamil and doing well. I am at about 95% today because there is a huge storm front here in Illinois. Also, I have not been doing so good with the MAV diet. I need to get back on my routine, diet and sleep schedule. But, I’ll take 95% days, I had a long string of 100% days too. I believe this can and will go away. I even think eventually we won’t need medication once we get over this bump. Especially, us women if it is hormone fluctuations causing it. I am so happy for you. I thank God everyday that I am better.


This is so encouraging to hear as we so much see or hear of the bad days as opposed to those who have improved and been able to move on with their lives.

Did you have any side effects from the medication and how much are you taking and is that the only med you are taking? Inquiring minds want to know! :smiley:

I am happy for you! It gives the rest of us hope.

It is refreshing to hear a positive story & know that getting better is possible. I know this possibility firsthand as I’ve been 80% better in the past on medicine but even with knowing that I have been so depressed the past few weeks. I had to go off my med that was helping me because of side effects & now the MAV is back full force. I have been trying to start up neurontin but it is such a slow process & has only made me feel worse so far. I’ve been on it for 2 weeks today & I only feel worse. My doctor has encouraged me to give it a fair try but it is so hard to be back where I was at the beginning. Stuck at home unable to get off the couch for more than a few minutes at a time. And with 2 small kids that I’m supposed to be taking care of. It is so hard to explain to people what is wrong with me. I have a very supportive husband but even he doesn’t understand what it is like. I’m so depressed that I’m back to square one and not feeling very optimistic about my remaining med options. Does this stuff eventually ever just go away on it’s own?

So happy for you!!! Enjoy feeling well.

Right now I am only taking 20mg of Cymbalta which is the smallest dose. For the first week or two I was really jittery and high strung. But other than that, no major side effects, and I would consider myself VERY med sensitive. I do have some minor problems with constipation now, but nothing major and that side effect comes and goes.

So good to hear you are still doing well…we all want to hear that :smiley: . The weather seems to effect me too…it kind of makes me feel out of it, no so much dizzy, but just kind of sleepy and weird. I hope you’re right about the hormone thing. Maybe that’s what got this all going to begin with.

I know how you feel having little ones to take care of. This started after my daughter turned two and now she’s three. I feel like this past year was such a blur because I was just trying to get through the days. I am thankful that I have her though…she was my source of joy and hope when I felt really down. You’ll get there too!!

Hi Colleen,

What a great story and it comes at a great time because we were discussing Cymbalta the other day. You’re proof that it can work! So glad for you.

Could I ask you a favour? Would you mind copying and pasting your post into the new “Success Story” sticky?

Thanks again for letting us know about this.

Best … Scott :slight_smile:

What time of day do you take your medication morning or night?


I started off taking it in the morning, because it made me really jittery. But now that it has settled into my system I have been taking it at night at with no problem.


No problem! I copied my story into the success stories thread. Hopefully one of many!!


Hi Colleen, How does the Cymalta affect your sleep. Everywhere I read, they say it causes insomnia. Did you or do you get any of this?

Hi Christine,

Initially, the Cymbalta made me pretty jittery so I was taking it in the morning. I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to sleep if I started off taking it at night. But, now that my system is used to it, I can take it at night with no problem. I actually sleep pretty good.

:slight_smile: Colleen

Hey Colleen!

I am so happy for you! What a great thing! Enjoy your normality!



I’m so happy for you Colleen! :slight_smile: I wish you and your family the best!

Thanks everyone…for all of your positive comments and well wishes. I will continue to visit this board regularly and support you all along the way!!

:slight_smile: Colleen