Feeling a bit better on Zoloft!

I havent written for a while because I thought I would give the med. a chance to work. I have been on Zoloft for about 2 months and feel around 50-80% better depending on the day. I still get extremely dizzy before that time of the month for girls, but my attitude and fear of my situation is A LOT better! I am only taking 25 mg and wonder that if I went up in the dose a little bit if I would feel even better. I tried to go up a couple times already and get more side effects so I immediately went back down again. What do you guys think?

Hi joli,

If you are feeling that much better on Zoloft I’d definitely consider increasing the dose. On 10 mg of Cipramil I was in your shoes but when I hit 15 mg there was a big shift towards feeling well again – albeit with side efects that worsened for me over time causing me to stp using it after 4 years.

What side effects are you getting?

I know that another member, sixdeep, said he felt better on Zoloft, and if I"m not mistaken, I think Adam (who started this site) is doing well on it. Scott knows for sure.
The thing with Zoloft is it is an SSRI, but it does hit dopamine a bit, so if that was your brain chemistry “Issue”, then great!! If by chance you wanted to try something totally different with the hopes
of getting better results, you could try Strattera…which only hit’s norepinephrine…I talked to a pharmacist who said it’s best if you are suffering from brain chemistry issues, to get them all balanced…THe meds take actually
do tweak all neurotransmitters in their cumulative effect.
But I would try to go up on Zoloft s…l…o…w…l…y… first!!
Best to you!

Yes, Adam – the founder of mvert – is under full control with Zoloft and only Zoloft. He has been through a pile of migraine drugs in his time and Z has been the best for him. Prior to Z it was pizotifen that gave him the best relief.


I’m taking 50mg/day. I have actually found it very easy to tolerate, yet other drugs completely wrecked me on tiny doses.
I’m not quite perfect, but I don’t notice being dizzy very often any more. I was on multiple anticonvulsants before but zoloft only has been the best regime I’ve had.


Thanks you guys!!! I guess I will do up to 37.5 mg and then maybe to 50. I guess it is just normal to feel a few side effects agin when upping your dose. I hope they go away like they did in the beginning. Adam how long did it take you to feel a lot better? Did you feel better on 25 mg? or did you have to go up to 50 to feel anything? thank you

You guys Are BETTER than the advice I get from my Doc!

Joli, so glad to hear you have improved so much. That’s really good :slight_smile: I hope you continue to see more improvement as you increase your dosage. Personally I found I had to increase dosage of both my meds (propranolol and pizotifen) until I got the best results. Good luck.

That is great news. I was prescribed Zoloft but have decided to wait till I return from overseas to start it (or start Cymbalta). My doc said to take 12.5 for the first week, then 25 mg.

My question is: how long did it take for you to feel the Zoloft working?

about 5 weeks, but i am still at around 50% some days! I have gone up to 37.5 for 3 days and am feeling a few side effects again and not alot better but i will keep at this dose as long as i kind stsand it.