Feeling alone and sad, meds not working yet

I have been very sad and lonely because I am home alone almost everyday and the meds my doctor gave me dont’ seem to be helping yet.

I started on 18.75 of Venlafaxine (Effexor) five weeks ago and have increased it little by little to 56.25 last Friday. I also started on Propranolol 30 mg a few weeks ago. I am still dizzy as soon as I get in the car and I look out the window while we are moving, so I can’t drive at all. I tried to put a tablecloth that is graphic on my table and I was instantly dizzy when I looked at it.

I want to be out doing all the holiday stuff I would normally do and feel like I’m becoming more and more depressed and anxious. I feel like I am not going to get better and hate having to rely on people to take me places. I feel like it’s draining my poor husband and he already has enough stress with his job.

I guess I just need someone to say it’s going to get better.


Hi Donna

It will get better you know. And I’m not just saying that because you said you need to hear it, it’s true. I’m replying because as I read your post, it sounded just like me so many years ago and I felt your sadness and loneliness. I was stuck in the house myself for ages and like you couldn’t travel because visually I couldn’t cope with the things flying past my eyes and just like you any pattern was a visual nausea and dizzy-inducing nightmare. I honestly thought I was doomed to be like that forever. I really despaired of ever feeling better.

But I’m much better now and have a life. Not a perfect one but I work part time from home and have a social life, albeit somewhat restricted on not so good days. The thing is that MAV can be lived with. It’s different for each one of us but once we’ve each found what works for us - meds, diet, lifestyle - we begin to make tracks. But it takes time and patience. But you will find a way through, be as positive as you can be and tell yourself, it will happen.

Very best wishes


Hi Donna… I know exactly how you feel… Most of us on this site do and it will get better… Maybe never perfect…but with this disease, each person is different and a different combo is called for. I’m not there either all the time, but I keep trying! Maybe try an ssri…lots on this board are finding that it helps. I’m on a low dose of zoloft and have found it to be helpful. Hang in there…you will find lots of help, support and good info on this site!!

Hang in there Donna - you WILL get better! It can just take time to find your meds. Have you tried the diet and lifestyle mods?

Thanks for all the replies. I guess I am just feeling lonely and desperate today. I was hoping the meds would be helping me by now. I’m wondering how long I should wait to see if they will help. I haven’t done lifestyle or diet mods yet. I just ordered the book “Heal Your Headache” and am hoping that will help me.

I am currently just working with a general practitioner and she has been very open and willing to help me through this and trying different meds if I need to.