Feeling awful

I am using this as a reference as much as anything as its really useful to compare symptoms with events and then look back at previous posts.

So roughly 2 weeks ago I started topamax and after 3-4 days I decided to stop it as I was feeling slightly confused and didn’t want this to affect an interview I had coming up. Having stopped the Topa I did really well in interview and generally did not feel back leading up to the interview. I put this down to me having a real focus on something. In fact I was feeling so well around this time I decided I wanted to move out of my apartment and do a flatshare. So I have handed my notice in and am now arranging the move and everything to do with that.

Last weekend I had a couple of friends over from the UK and hit the booze hard. 2 very heavy nights out until 5am each morning and drinking all kinds of cocktails and MAV nono’s…

Roll on Monday this week, back to work and feeling like absolute death. I have a hugely exaggerated sense of touch, like my arms and feet are touching surfaces in a much heavier way (sounds crazy I know). I have a huge amount of head pressure and pressure at the base of my neck and tops of shoulders. Pins and needles all over my legs and arms and legs feel much heavier and detached than normal. During lunch at work today it felt like the floor slipped from under me. I really thought I was going to fall… its the worst have been since the start of all this rubbish.

I really realise now that I have to try looking after myself better and really trying to beat this crap. Late nights, no sleep and lots of booze are just not going to do that. Also not sticking to a medication doesn’t help much either.

Ive started the Topa again last night so heres to hoping that it will soon kick this crap into touch

Well–the Topa will likely help you to feel foggy and confused a bit before helping you feel “better.” It isn’t like Tylenol or Ibuprofen, setting in after a few hours to chase the hangover away. It sucks that you feel so badly–likely a rebound from a HARD hitting weekend. You know though–it is really REALLY likely that the side effects from the topa will not affect you any more or worse than the effects of the MAV do, and that you’ll be able to adjust quickly to the blips in cognitive function that last for the first 8 weeks or so as you titrate to your maintenance level. Once I got to 100mg though I’ve found that the fogginess is usually pretty good except when I get tired–then it hits harder than “normal tired” would before the topa. Other than that, most of the side effects have evened out and I’m on a good road. You will too over time, I’m sure.

Chin up–you’ll get there… (no more heavy hitting weekends for a bit though, huh? 8) )

thanks for the encouragement Dolf… so low at the moment. I suppose its times when you feel this bad that you realise you actually feel better during other times… heres to the good times ahead