Feeling better and wanted to share

Hi everyone!

So, I have some GREAT news and seem to have found something that has given me a complete turn around. I just want to say that I realize that everyone won’t have the exact same results as I have to my treatments, but, it is working for me and I wanted to share it with all of you, just in case I can help someone else.

So, I hit complete rock bottom…I mean I am talking terrible depression and the pits…‘I didn’t want to live my life anymore’ bad. I couldn’t get a handle on my life and was desperate. So, from the last time I talked to all of you, here is what happened:

-went to my regular dr. office for some ‘help’. Unfortunately, my reg. dr. wasn’t available and I had to see another physician. I was a wreck…crying, miserable, etc. Well, he began asking me questions, “What are you here for today?” I just feel crummy. “Describe crummy.” Vertigo, nausea, dull headache, ear ringing, cheek numbness, anxiety, agitation, uncontrollable sadness, etc. “Do you cry often?” Yes…I can’t control my emotions. “Do you find that you aren’t finding pleasure in things that you used to find pleasurable?” Yes…Christmas morning, when I should have been happy watching my kids opening gifts, I just wanted to go to bed. So, I saw where this was going…he told me that he sensed I was depressed…REALLY? I knew that. BUT, I also knew that it was the state of my health causing the depression…not the other way around. He was going to prescribe an antidepressant, but I knew that would just mask the problem. I wanted to get to the root. So, I told him that I would call back if I decided to go that route.

-went to my gynecologist the next day. He tested my hormones and ovary function. Prescribed my ol’ standby migraine med…Midrin. Recommended that I take 1-3 daily instead of the regular way, just to see if it helped the symptoms. Also recommended drinking a bit of caffeine each day. I don’t ever drink pop or coffee, but thought that I could handle a cup of tea a day. Results of his tests came back normal.

-4 days later, headed to my chiropractor who also does acupuncture. I spent 1 1/2 hours there and was enlightened. He examined me and told me that my C1-2-3 vertebrae were misaligned. He showed me the lists of symptoms that come with each and asked which one I HADN’T experienced…well, wouldn’t you know, in a list of 15 or so, the only one that I hadn’t had was insomnia. Go figure. So, he adjusted me, did therapy (electro stim on my upper back and neck) adjusted me again, did acupuncture, and adjusted me again. I went 3 times that week, 3 times the following week, then 2 times and am now down to once a week. I can honestly say that I feel like a COMPLETELY different person!!! NO symptoms to speak of. An occasional dizzy feeling if I get up too fast, but remarkably better. This past weekend, I felt a little out of whack (a kink in my neck) and the symptoms started to return. I knew what was going on, took some Advil and rubbed the area that was sore. Within an hour, I was fine. Now, I am also having therapeutic massage once a week (1/2 hour where she just focuses on upper body issues) and that is helping a lot, too. I even, after 3 months of not doing any kind of physical exercise, went back to yoga yesterday and felt great…no dizziness!!!

For me, this all made so much sense. I would imagine that everything got out of whack when I did my triathlon in September…right about when I started to feel miserable. I think that I must have injured those vertebrae and tensed those muscles during the race (it was really cold and I was probably tense) and that affected my whole being. So, I think that I found my root of the problem. Again, I know that everyone is different and I know that this isn’t what is causing all of your MAV issues, but maybe it will help someone. I hope that it does, because I know that I was on a downward spiral and not wanting to go any further down. I hope that all of you can find some relief…however it comes. You deserve it.

Good for you!

Awesome… hope it continues!

That is awesome…I think Gail has been having a good result from some neck therapy as well…must be something to it! I know my doctor thinks my neck is a contributing factor, but I had a hard time figuring how the neck could cause depression or anxiety? But sometimes the proof is in the pudding!!
Thanks for sharing!

Great news Beachbum. I’m glad the neck work has made a difference – IMO a tensed up, spasmed neck is a trigger. I’m wondering too if you think the new dosing of Midrin has played a significant role in this?

My symptoms were so much worse before I got my neck fixed up by a physio last June. For me, migraine causes neck tension which promotes muscle spasm at C2 and C3. If it gets really bad it becomes a trigger – a viscious cycle – that not only causes tons of head pain and extra dizziness but disrupts sleep. Like you I now get maintenance “tune-up” massages on my upper neck to keep it loosened up. I’m not free of migraine but it’s a whole lot better and the really nasty pain a jammed C2 can cause is no longer there.

Kelley – when my neck was bad, it made everything else much worse and so things like anxiety and depression felt worse. I think it’s just from more intense migraine activity.

Glad you are feeling so well Beach!

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Hi everyone!
Ok, so I guess that I forgot to include that when I went to fill the prescription of Midrin, I was told that it is no longer being manufactured, so I was not able to get it. I was pretty disappointed because it is what I used to take years ago when my headaches looked a lot different. But, I suppose it was a blessing in disguise because now, I am almost symptom free without medicine.

When my chiropractor showed me the symptoms that went along with C1-2-3 misalignments, it showed anxiety and depression as symptoms, along with vertigo. He explained it to me that since the C 1-2-3 are all so incredibly close to your vagus nerve, so many symptoms can surface since the nerve travels throughout the body and links many of the major organs and systems.

When he does the acupuncture, not only does he do the areas for migraine, but also for general well being and meridian balance points. It is a fascinating thing and I am learning a lot. I am so thankful to have found it. I would much rather pay for therapy that gives me relief (acupuncture, chiropractic, massage) that helps in other areas of my life than medicine that gives me awful side effects leading me to take more meds. I know and understand that it isn’t the case with everyone, but I was so scared of those meds and how they made me feel that I feel blessed to have found something that works for me.

Hoping that everyone is having a dizzy-free weekend! Hugs!!

Julie - terrific news that you are feeling so well and if you don’t have to take meds to do it. Hurrah!

Stay well :slight_smile: