Feeling Hopeless :-(

Well im sure many of you know how it is dealing with this you have days where your so sure youll get better someday and others when you swear youll be like this forever. You almost feel bi polar lol. Im curently in the mood of feeling like this is my life forever and i just have to deal with it. Im about to turn 19 and ive been like this for a year. Pretty much constant dizziness (swaying and rocking feeling) I have had migraines sinc i was 16 and have had all the other tests for dizziness and my neuroligist is about as certian as you can get that its MAV.

Im about to start on verapamil and keeping my fingers crossed but hate to get too hopeful. Ive been on topamax which totally got rid of my migraines but made me feel dumb and totally messed up my mind and then ami but it made me crazy anxious. So I’m really looking for a shoulder to cry on almost haha or some words of encouragement i would also love it if anyone would be interested in kinda keeping up with each other and messaging each other for support.

Let me know. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

hi there,

you are so young and it’s not fair that you have this! well, i was first “diagnosed” with this at 10 years old (didn’t really know what vestibular migraine was and never gave me medication for it) and i am now 30 so I know what you are dealing with. it’s been the worst for me this past year and the best advice is make yourself smile everyday and tell yourself you are doing okay! this isn’t life threatening and there are medications that can hopefully help. keep yourself busy and know that you aren’t the only one suffering with this.

i am currently on topa so i understand the cognitive moments but try this new drug and hopefully that will help! surround yourself with supportive people and friends and don’t give up!

Hi there! I totally feel your pain. I am 29, and I have been with MAV since I was 22 (right after college). I have daily dizziness, like I am on a boat, and episodic vertigo. The actually spinning lasts for seconds but I feel so sick and dizzy for the rest of the day and the day after. I have tried SO many medications and currently I am still on verapamil. I can’t really seem to tell if verapamil works for me…I think I feel better being on it than not but still, my episodic vertigo still occurs. Currently, switching from gabapentin to metroprolol to see if this will help me. Best of luck to you. I hope your MAV will be successfully managed with MAV.