Feeling Irritable!

Hi Everyone,

One symptom that tends to escalate with my MAV is the Irritablility. It can really go thru the roof at times and i’m very unpleasant to be around. Medication helps to subside my irritable behavior. Was wondering if this is a symptom of yours?


Damn it, no! What the hell are you trying to suggest, bud? Who do you think you . . . umm, on second thought, . . . I haven’t noticed it myself, but my sweetie told me Saturday that I seemed to be taking things much more personally than I had a ever os long. (Weather had been changeable, which is a strong trigger for me.) I thought I’d been ribbing her!

Hey David,

Well i’m glad there is one person on the forum who can identify regarding feeling irritable when the MAV gets out of control.



Well just think what we women go through during a certain point of the month with it. Talk about irritable - more like borderline psychobitch! :lol:

During a migraine I become a little giggly / jokey.
euphoric, it doesn’t happen every time, but it does happen.
My family don’t complain though.
My neuro explained it to me as a part of a normal chain of events in some migraine patients.
Anxiety is another part of my aura, so I’ve been told by my neurologist.
I normally feel upset and teary around this time, and whilst working with Hubby have had an argument with him.

borderline psychobitch!
love it :mrgreen:

Hey Jen,

In all of my 18 years with this sopposingly Migraine like condition i can’t remember one time when i felt Euphoric or giggly. As i recall my head feels pressure, tension and the rocking motion increases and i feel out of control + and with the wave-like motion i feel as though i’m going to fall down…so i mostly feel irriatated, and even kind of blue. I don’t want to go outside, and don’t want to do much of anything. So with my daily medication i’m able to do most normal things…thank goodness! Still not able to work full-time yet…but maybe one day.


No giggles for me either.
At my dizzy peak I just cried all the time. As son as I spoke to anyone I cried. If there was no one to talk to I cried anyway.
I felt like a wobbly wreck like I was in someone else’s life , not mine.



My Vestibular Migraine condition became gradual till after my 3rd year…it finally went chronic. Once it was chronic i felt like i was on some drug trip cause i was so dizzy and my eqiuilbrium was really off + panic and vertigo was threatening with lots of fear cause i had to be careful how i moved my head. Doctors first thought i had Panic Disorder, then a few years later they thought i had Panic disorder with inner-ear dysfunction. This all took place in approximatley early 90’s.


Ah, drug trips. I remember when . . . . The critical difference being that they were, firstly, chosen (perhaps not always wisely, but at that age. . . ), secondly, time-limited. Maybe even, thirdly, part of a community sacrament, to bandy the term loosely.

David…not sure i understood your answer. What i was saying was when my condition first became serious i felt like i was on a drug trip (but i really wasnot) because of severe dizzyness, Vertigo and very much off balance.