Feeling low on 20mg Ami

Hi all, i was doing much better on 15mg of ami, and have now had to up to 20mg. I know symptoms are exacerbated whenever we up our doses, and my rocking vertigo has got worse. I also feel like a zombie!! I know this will pass and i need to be patient, but i’ve also been crying at the drop of a button! Has anyone else, who is now happy on ami experienced this? I know there is alot of success here, i just need to ride out these SE while i up the dose… xWTC

I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling worse, I have been pretty much consistently worsening since I upped from 25 to 37mg of nori, I have way more acute dizzy turns, the only reason I’ve perservered is that I had about 10 better days in between bad times. Literally today I was getting home from walking my dog and as I was nearing my house I went so so dizzy I barely got through the door, had to lie down all afternoon and everytime I try to walk around everything is spinning, it’s getting me down so much as I have only got worse on this med!!! Crazy. Not sure whether to up it, stick with it or go to a lower dose!!! hope things pick up for you v soon. xx

HI Lizzie, so sorry to hear that too!
I think, from what i’ve heard. Give it a week or so at each dose and if things are still awful then go back down to a dose that was good for you and stick with that - sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it will get better the HIGHER you go or the LONGER you go at one dose (even if it’s a lower one) i’m going to see how i am tomorrow and if it’s as bad as today, i’m going back down to 15mg.
What were you on on the 10 good days? I think that was probably a good dose and you should go back to that for a while before you up again - maybe 2 weeks - if things are really good then stay with that dose! That’s my plan anyway. It is so frustrating after having good days isn’t it!! What were you good days like? xx

I know, it’s confusing, hard to know what is best. I’ve been at 37mg for about 8 weeks, I have basically been worse for the whole time except for 10 days where I was the best I’ve been since having this dizziness (started in July). The good days were much better, I was still dizzy but could manage alot more and even had some moments where I didn’t think about being dizzy. I am SO variable though, literally I can go from being just off balance to having real visual vertigo (things shifting in my field of vision) to all the dizziness being in my head…urgh it’s just v unpredictable and that’s the worst part!! How bad are you? xx

Those are my symptoms too…constant rocking vertigo, very bad imbalance at times when i walk where it feels like the pavement is moving… visual vertigo, things moving in my vision/shifting - feeling like i’m falling or like i’m rising up very quickly. I think i’m going to go back to 15mg after tomorrow… i’ve been a dizzy, emotional zombie all day on 20mg! 37mg sounds like a huge dose to me cos i’m so sensitive! maybe decrease it to 25 and stick with that for a while - see how you feel. xx

this is why im afraid to UP my doseage. :?

i have been super emotional lately, but i am blaming it on holiday stress & anxiety. I asked my dr for some zanex to get me through, he siad NO…so instead i have been taking Cipralex. I am surprised how much its helped…im not snapping at my family & i am not as stressed out.

good luck to you…i know it sucks when u Up your doseage. hope it passes soon.

I’m scared to go down in dose too, after sticking it out at 37mg for 8 weeks. I think my plan is to stay where I am until the New Year then I’m heading back to see Dr. S to discuss the best plan of action. I wonder if part of feeling so bad might actually be attributable to nortriptyline associated side effects as opposed to the MAV itself, it’s very tough to know if the drug is having any positive effect at all in my case. I have fluctuated so much with the MAV since the start with good and bad days and this seems to simply be continuing. Keep me updated on how you get on. xx

I’ve only taken 15mg tonight, think maybe i upped too quickly for my body. WIll keep you posted Lizzie! and don’t blame you ameretto!

I couldnt even get up to 10 mg Ami, I was on it for 6 days and was really depressed all the time I was on it, as soon as I stopped, my mood went up. Sometimes antidepressants can cause depression.

Having said that, I have been on Ami in the past for 3 months and my mood was fine. I dont know whether the depression would have gone if I had stayed on it longer this last time.


Thanks Christine, good point… i’m sure it’s just another side effect that will pass! My GP’s advised me to go back down to 15mg though - as he said everyone has different maxiumum dosages - so we shouldn’t worry. If you’re smaller and more sensitive to meds, then sometimes 10mg is even enough!