Feeling Sick/Nausea

Does anyone ever get the odd day when they just feel really sick all day (like a knawing sick top stomach) to the point of burping? I keep getting these days, not much head pain, just pins and needles in temple a bit and feeling bit dizzy. They seem to come out of the blue. The only thing I ate differently yesterday was chicken in crumb (took most of the crumb off) couldnt see any nasties in the ingredients although I have noticed I have felt rough the next day, after eating this. I just wondered how many people get these days of feeling really sick all day, just checking if this is migraine related (although I think it is).


Certainly could be.

Nausea can absolutely be part of MAV… xometimes even to the point of vomiting…yuck!, such a wonderful host of symptoms, eh?

Hi Christine.

Yeah, I have days like that from time to time. Almost feels like I’m getting the flu - the upset stomach & nausea are the main symptoms with just feeling all out of sorts and having disequilibrium (like sea legs - or not having sea legs while on a boat) being the secondary symptoms.

Sorry you’re not feeling well.


Could be several other things too though? Just cos you’ve got migraine problems, it doesn’t mean everything wrong with you is explained by that, as unfortunately we’re still all likely to get other things non-migraineurs get too. The gnawing feeling and feeling like you want to burp sounds very much like bad indigestion to me. Or anxiety? Probably could be lots of other things too…

Beachleaf, there’s an interesting tension between the risks of ignoring possibilities and of overlooking them. Feeling nauseous and dizzy yesterday, eventually I checked my temperature. Then, later, I checked my BP and pulse. Knowing these were all okay was reassuring, even though I still felt crappy.

Thanks for the replies. As usual, the horrible sickness lasted just one day, seeing as this has been going on for a long long time, I think it must be migraine related. David, you said you took your temperature etc. I take it you feel fluey, do your limbs ache, feel heavy, did you have a slight pricky throat the first evening after you overdid the swimming? This is exactly what I get when I overdo it. Sometimes I can last hours doing something and other days just half an hour before sweating and struggling to keep going, but usually, if I am struggling, I look back and I have done too much two or three days before. How all this can be related to migraine I really dont know (thats what makes it so difficult) as everyone with MAV doesnt seem to have the same capacity or incapacity for physical exertion.