Felt Better When Withdrawing

Hi all!! I have been trying to figure this monster out for quite a while, recently there has been a change. I was on ZOloft for around 10 months which only took me to around 60%, but I was always tired and kind of “out of it” so I switched to Effexor which also had its ups and downs but wasnt as bad as the Zoloft. Recently I decided to go off all medication and see how I feel. I quit cold turkey and for the first week and a half I have never felt better. I would say I was around 95% back to where I was before this all started( 3 years ago) I had energy during my workout, I was tired or out of it, or swaying, or having sensory overload. I felt lilke my old self again. Then for the last week the withdrawal symptoms came on finally and they were a little rough but nothing compared to MAV and I was still feeling ok. Now 4 weeks after I stopped the MEDS I’m back to having all of my MAV symptoms:(((((( I am depressed, tired (could sleep all day) wobble in the morning, dont feel like talking to anyone, zero energy for working out, and also too dizzy to workout( which is one of my favorite things to make me feel normal), swaying, I cant believe this is back. I thought it was the meds making me feel this out of it, but this is exactly how I felt on the meds! So I guess the meds weren’t working that great to begin with. I just don’t get why I felt SOOOO good when coming off of them for the first 2 weeks??? Can anyone offer some advice???

I can’t offer advice, but I can tell you that I felt that way when I came off Lexapro cold turkey…Scott felt that way when he stopped Paxil, and I"m sure there are others. I believe these meds take time to build up in our bodies, and time to really leave and then time for the body to change back to the old self.
I can imagine that you were so relieved thinking you were feeling so badly from the meds and so relieved that you didn’t need them anymore. I’ve had that feeling and then you get smacked in the face and have to go back to the drawing board.
I wish I knew more and could offer you some advice…maybe you just need a low level of med to feel better?
I’ll be interested to see what others have to say about this.