Female question

So I have ups and downs, but the last few have been really rough and I know I’m due for my period. Have any of you ladies had this issue with worsening of symptoms around this time??

Yea I do seem to feel worst nearer the due date of my period and on the actual First day I can feel quite bad.

Oh yes, most every month I feel quite lousy before my period, even the Topamax and Lexapro can’t touch the hormone shift. At the moment I feel pretty bad in fact, bad migraine headache and have been dizzy the past few days. It’ll be over in a couple days and I just expect to feel bad for about 5 days each month at least. Freaking female hormones rock my world and I hate it so effin bad!!! I’m in a bad mood today becuase of it too, can you tell? :lol:

I always feel horrible about 5 days prior and then I’m usually good around Day 3 of my period. When ovulation hits, usually about 10 days after the 1st day of the period, I get another migraine due to the hormonal shift again. Sucks being female sometimes!!

Even though Lyrica keeps the dizzies at bay as a general rule, it someones doesn’t seem to stop it at that time of the month. I often get a few bad days then.


i am rocky 24/7 but i would get dizzer 2 days before my period so i am now taking the lowest form of birth control pill but i take it all the way through so i never get my period which works out great. my ob/gyn said it’s totally fine and i’m happy with not getting dizzer than i normally am.

Me too - I’m always ‘off’ just beore my period. Good luck

And me. Just the couple of days before a period.

My period really gets me too. The dizziness is so bad I feel like the floor is moving. I’m still not convinced my hormones are normal, even though I’ve had them tested!

I have actually started having all my symptoms starting with menopause or peri-menopause and feel the hormone fluctuations have triggered the dizziness, headaches and visual symptoms for me.

I would like to hack my own head off with a rusty spoon…

Yes, I feel worse right before then about 2-3 days into my cycle, I feel better.