Females getting MAV in their late 20s and 30s

I can’t help but notice that many females that I have communicated with who have MAV are in their late 20s and 30s. I personally got this at 30, and am still ill at 32. Do others notice this? I hate to make a generalization, but it seems to be the case. I am thinking that this adds further support to a hormonal component to all this.

Personally I am in my late 40’s so I do not fit that mold so to speak, however I did not start getting migraine headaches until I was in my thirties, after I had a partial hysterectomy so the possibility of the hormonal change at that time could have triggered the start f the headaches at that point and time.

And then I was hit with the MAV symptoms when I was 47 which would correspond with when most women enter menopause of peri menopause so possibility of the hormonal changes triggering some of this is also possible.

I fit that pattern! I was 28 when this started and am now 30.


Hi Lisa,

I read this forum regularly but rarely post because I don’t have lots of energy for spending time on the computer. I’ve read a lot of your posts and definitely identify a lot with your story. So I had to sign in to reply to this question – my answer is yes, this hit me a few years ago, when I was 29.

I wish doctors would look more seriously into the hormone link, beyond just saying “try taking a birth control pill and see if that changes anything” or “try going off the birth control pill and see if that changes anything.” There seems to be a lot of evidence for a hormonal link, so maybe that could be at least a clue towards treatment.

Anyway, thanks for asking all the thought provoking questions, and though I don’t usually post, I am always curious to see your updates. Good luck!

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Hit me at 42. I started having premenstrual headaches (? migraines) in my early thirties. Kristen

I fit the profile too! I am 40 now - got this at 38.

thanks for everyone’s input.
Alwaysmoving - I was always one to question things. IT is just frustrating that there are no definitive answers to all this. I’m glad that you enjoying reading my post, and I wish you good health coming up.

This fits me too! Got this when I was 30, will be 32 in September.

I can’t remember where I read it, but I believe the age range for FEMALES who get MAV is early to mid-30’s to mid-40’s. (I remember this because I thought to myself, “I fit right in!”) There are variances of course, but I too found this interesting.

From what I have read, this is the age the progesterone starts to drop. It drops a long time before the oestrogen starts to drop, when you reach menopause.

I developed migraines at age 28 within 3 months of having my 1st child and MAV at age 32 within 3 months of having my 2nd child. I don’t want to even know what would happen to me if I had a 3rd child!! For me, I definitely think it is hormonal. I have had messed up hormones since my early 20’s when I developed PCOS. My endocronologist said my hormones are fine though. I see in another post someone mentioned progesterone dropping off in your 30’s. Has anyone ever tried a progesterone cream? My mom was just telling me about a friend who got really dizzy in her 30’s and progesterone cream really helped. I might look into it.

Hi Lisa,

I was 27 when this started and I’m now 28, however I had dizziness problems off and on for 10 years before that.


I believe in the hormone link. MAV hit when I was 33, I am now 34. I saw an endocronologist who said to stay away from hormones and ride it out. Dr. Hain acknowledges the hormone link as well. He told me I should take a med for MAV for 2-3 years then this should go away till around 50. :roll:


I absolutely agree with the hormone link. MAV was brought on by pregnancy for me…twice. My mother-in-law has a mild case and is in menopause. Another woman I know in menopause has been dealing with a severe case for several years. I also know another mom who got a mild case after her first child that went away as soon as she got pregnant with her second. Hormone link just makes sense to me! Oh and mine started at 24 but I’ve dealt with motion intolerance since I was a child and frequent migraines since 13.