Feverfew + Magnesium = recovery

Hi guys,
OK so I’m probably going to call this my last post here because I’m doing 95% better even with stormy weather and every other trigger including fluorescents. I started taking feverfew GNC brand of standardized pill form of it 2x a day (300 something mg of it) and 400mg of Magnesium Glycinate (KAL Brand sold at Whole Foods) 2x a day. This has been the magic bullet.
Liv xx


Congratulations Olivia!

How long did it take for you to see results??? Thats so awesome really happy for you!

Thank you guys! I just replied to you NAUGirl on another thread - I was curious how your pregnancy is going as you said that you were expecting a while back? Are you taking anything? I need to find out if feverfew is ok for pregnancy. L xx

Its been really rough the last trimester feeling very off balance and no not on any meds :frowning:

Congrats liv that’s really great! I might give feverfew a shot since you speak highly of it.

Feverfew should not be taken during pregnancy as it can cause contractions.

Ive been pretty desperate so I decided to join this forum. Your post was the first that I read. I am actually shopping online for the supplements you listed. So you take over 600mg of feverfew and 800mg of magnesium a day?

That stuff about feverfew and contractions is in folk medicine (seems kind of random type of anecdotal evidence, no scientific trials) and they actually used to give it to some women to help promote good pregnancies so I think the verdict is out on it. Honestly taking feverfew while pregnant seems less dangerous than taking psychotropic drugs. I will look more into it though! I think I could survive 9 months if I weren’t also working while pregnant without it, but I have to work. I am under lights that bother me too much if I’m not taking feverfew. It’s a predicament. And as for the later ones who asked here about whether these are good supplements, yes they are life savers. I am not 100% right now because I’ve been eating too many nuts and high tyramine foods that increase my head pressure, and therefore dizziness, and I moved to a humid place in Florida that is probably the worst place in the planet to live with MAV due to constant storms (this is for work unfortunately). But that said, I’m still doing so much better and able to work on my laptop and under lights with minimal discomfort by taking 360mg of feverfew (GNC brand) 2 x a day, 400mg of KAL magnesium glycinate 2 x a day. I may throw back in the coQ10 at 300mg if I feel like I need to get even greater migraine relief but I’m doing well on these two alone right now. CoQ10 is energizing but it also causes me to stay up a bit at night.Not sure if that is caused by it or not though. I hope that you guys feel better soon. I don’t know about mixing the meds with drugs but consult your neurologist. Best, Liv

P.S. Yeah I know that feverfew isn’t recommended in pregnancy. It’s a big question and I’ll ask my Oby-Gyn about this. This link lists a lot of the supplements that are helpful. I have done much better on supplements psychologically than the medicines. Gabapentin was the one I could tolerate best out of all of the meds though. Supplements - The Migraine Trust

CoQ10 might be safe along with the magnesium though. Maybe I should see how I do just on those two again. I love feverfew though so it would be hard to part with it!