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Final diagnosis

Dear all
I have been struggling for a diagnosis
My syptoms are
Ear sensitivty left ear cant handle the sound and screaming
Left eye pain and cant see things properly
Dizziness 24/7 specially when i move my head or move my eyes
Heavy head like i got the flu
Heavy ears
Feeling in a boat for three months know since it all started
I have it in a sudden i woke up with neck spasm and had to rush to the hospital
I have the attacks of vertigo 5 times in my life
Never been dignosis and the gap between vertigos are years
I am worried since i get the following diagnosis
Anxity and stress
Vestibular neuritis
Crevical vertigo
And the last one i got it just today since i went for a sychiatric for my anxity ( i am always criing and hate my life ) the doctor said it derealization and anixity and want me to get of my migriane medicine
He wrote seroxate for stress and depression
I am really depressed cause in a period of three months i went for 11 doctors and non know whats wrong with me
And non agreed on one diagnosis
Any help is needed
Tomorrow i will be travlling for a neuro onto for a final diagnosis and feeling down

We can’t diagnose you on here. But I will tell you I had several different diagnoses too.

The most important thing is they rule out a neuroma or anything really serious (which can kill you), so go through the process of being diagnosed. They are extremely rare but can be devastating if not dealt with.

The other thing to focus on is getting treatment that helps you with your symptoms. There really is only one protocol to try and its the MAV protocol we talk about on this site, it pretty much covers all the bases of chronic dizziness unless you have something more serious.

I have done mri for my brain
Done xray for my neck
Everything is normal
Do you mean if even i dont have migraine could the medicine help me with my dizziness and rocking sensation
I have done physical therapy for my neck and have done balance physical therapy as well

‘migraine’ is a diagnosis of exclusion.

I had same symptoms as you but my issues were caused by trauma. Some doctors called it ‘migraine’, others ‘secondary hydrops’.

Yes, the medicine is for chronic dizziness, call it migraine if you like :slight_smile:

Amitriptyline stopped the dizziness for me mostly, but I was left with a feeling of imbalance for several years which has finally gone. I used to get rocking. That has gone too. It may just take time.

Thank you so much i hope you heal for good
I am taking the medicine as well along with propanolol for six days know
Thanks for your advise i much appreciate it

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No problem Haya, stick with us and let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Once you start to feel a bit better, the anxiety should start to decrease. We know how it feels, but things will get better!