Finally diagnosed

Saw Dr Rauch at Mass Eye and Ear today…after not more than a minute or two of telling him my story, he said I sounded like a classic migraineur. (This absolutely amazes me given the fact that I’ve had symptoms for three+ years and had seen a number of doctors, including two of his colleagues at Mass Eye and Ear!). He suggested I go on a strict migraine diet for two months and then pay him another visit, after which time I’ll be given some medicine to try if necessary.

As dizzy as I am and as much as I’m still dreading going out tonight, I am absolutely thrilled that I at least have a diagnosis. Finally! :slight_smile: Thank you to everyone here who guided me to the right direction.

Dr Rauch is great, and provides an excellent service by providing videos on his website describing the different vestibular disorders.

He visits this site occasionally.

I’m also a big fan of Dr. Rauch: the Buccholz diet can be very helpful, but even Buccholz himself wrote “Heal Your Headache 1-2-3”: and 1 is avoid overuse of medications, 2 is the diet, and 3 are preventive medications.

Personally, I was already on medications when I went on the diet, and I still take them, but the diet has been very helpful.

I also take migraine supplements: magnesium, fish oil, coQ10, riboflavin. And, recently started some calcium and D, and for some reason, that seems to help. At the latitude of Boston, many people get vitamin D defiicient in the winter. I have no idea if that affects vertigo and/or migraine, but it does affect bone health, seasonal affective disorder, risk of prostate/breast/colon cancer, so I started to actually take the calcitrate that my doctor has asked me to take for years–and I’m less dizzy. Coincidence? Who knows.

It’s a real relief to find someone who understands and validates you.