Finally today it stopped!

I got up today still dizzy but after about two hours of being up it finally stopped Ive been getting dizzier and dizzer for three weeks! I knew yesterday I had hit the wall in how bad the dizzys could actually get it was the worst its ever been since 2010.

The worst of it has gone today ?? just like that it stopped and I felt more normal in the head again obviously I still feel a bit dizzy I always do but the hideous cant walk around the house feeling went away.

Im over the moon to feel more human again had a shower and picked the kids up from school, made dinner etc even cleaned the whole house. Why does this happen ? Ive realised for me I have to get to the most dizzy you can possibly get before my brain stops it sooooo weird but Im not relaxed or anything because it could be back tomorrow for all I know but just shows it can stop when it wants .

Blondie I’m happy for you :wink: it’s almost like our bodies give in and then in stops! It’s amazing what we consider normal now isnt it! Myself, I am always off balance every single morning for about 2 hours aswell - but I too consider that normal nowadays. This condition is awful isn’t it. Wishing you loads bette! Anna x

Thankyou anna I really felt suicidal yesterday in terms of how bad it was but the odd thing is I now have a migraine a headache which I havent had since I was 12 weeks pregnant was all this dizziness the migraine waiting to come out?? I dont care I would have this pain everyday if it meant the dizzys would go xx

Donna, really happy for you! I wish mine would just stop like that. It seems to go on forever with me. I have had quite a lot of headaches recently and I wondered if it could be like you say getting more dizzy as it builds up through the stages then the headache phase coming out. I also wondered if the nori could actually be giving me headaches as a side effect? I just don’t know with all these things going on. Anyway, so happy for you and long may it continue! X

Me too on the headaches! At least you can take something to make them dissapear! Thank god for this site I was seriously thinking id lost my mind before I was diagnosed & found you guys. This all started for me when my son was about 6 months old - I so couldn’t imagine being pregnant and dizzy - poor you -your a superhero! How long have you got left until baby comes? X

I have nine days left Anna be over soon thank God! This originally started when my youngest was 8 months old and I had a two yr old when I look back I wonder how I coped with them but you just do.
Jem it doesnt do that for me very often what tends to happen is I get dizzier and then it will gradually go off over days/weeks but I dont notice properly until like 2 weeks have gone by and I realise Im better than I was but today was like a switch flipped and it just calmed right down. I just had to drive to the other side of town in my car in the dark and Ive come back dizzier I knew I would but Im chilling on the sofa now.

You will get better again Jem I just know it Ive seen it so many times from others and myself x

Blondie, I’m so happy for you. Enjoy the feeling of relief and use this time to do the things with your children that have been difficult during the bad times. I don’t know if you are religious/spiritual or not. I hope it’s okay that I just said a prayer for you.


Blondie - not long left then - you are so nearly there and you have survived! Well done you. :wink: do you know what your having? I have a boy, 1 & a girl 2 - it’s great fun isn’t it but hard work with this horrid mav! X

So happy you had a great day!

I know what you mean…when I get those clear headed moments or hours I feel on top of the world:)

Well today isnt so good its back again a bit but not as severe as Thursday. Im just hoping its over once baby is here because I was doing very well until three weeks ago.
Im concerned about my panic attacks they are really bad again especially in the car its frightening I want to do something about those because I will be scared to go out.
Thanks for your support it means a lot to me x

Well, my whole house needs cleaning, too, so maybe that will trigger my system to normalize. Ya think?