Finding OBGYN who is familiar with MAV


My husband and I want to have a baby as soon as I get my symptoms under control (we don’t have kids yet). We would like to find an OBGYN now so we can begin working with the doctor regarding what I’m going through with MAV. I would really like to have an OBGYN who has had patients with MAV. I live in the Kansas City area. Anyone know of a doctor here, or have any suggestions on what we could do to find one?

Also, has anyone stayed on their MAV meds while they were trying to get pregnant and/or while they were pregnant? Or did you stop taking your meds and just feel bad during trying to get pregnant and while pregnant? I would rather stop taking my meds and feel bad for a year or so in order to have a healthy baby since the meds could harm the baby. But I wonder if I would be able to have a healthy baby if I am feeling so bad.

I can’t help you in finding a doctor, but I have a 13 month old, and I was so scared to go through fertility treatments and get pregnant, especially since my MAV is highly hormone-related. I wasn’t on any MAV meds, but I was actually one of the fortunate ones who got much better while pregnant! It’s actually probably the best I’ve felt in 6 years (dizziness-wise, at least!). A few weeks postpartum, though, I crashed, and now I’ve kind of leveled out (not nearly as good as while pregnant, but not horrible either).

Some women get better, some worse, some the same, when it comes to pregnancy. You just don’t really know until you try. I just want to say that you shouldn’t let MAV get in the way of having a baby, if that’s what you really want. Even if I had felt horrible for 9 months, my son would have been worth it and then some.

I don’t know what meds you are on, but there are lots of meds that can still be taken during pregnancy. Best of luck to you!

It is hard enough finding a neuro who is familiar with MAV; therefore, I’m sure it is nearly impossible to find an ob/gyn with that knowledge. I, unfortunately, got much worse MAV-wise during my pregnancies. I was probably nearly as sick as one could imagine with MAV,but I have two (knock on wood) healthy children. This illness has nothing to do with whether we can give birth to healthy children. It is just a matter of whether you feel equipped going through a preg ill. For me, MAV put anything pregnancy into perspective, making the preganncy itself was a piece of cake compared to the MAV. There are some meds you can take during preg. That an ob should be able to tell you. good luck